PM Lee: Integrity of government matters less than my dead parents’ reputation

Although PM Lee has told Parliament that he does not depend on LKY’s legacy, he somehow found it convenient to use his parents’ names to wriggle out of the mess he had created.

If PM Lee was even concerned about his parents’ reputation, he would not have dragged the issue into Parliament where he would be defended by his subordinates and state resources at his disposal.

PM Lee’s reason for not taking legal action against his sibling: “It would also drag out the process for years, and cause more distraction and distress to Singaporeans. Therefore, fighting this out in court cannot be my preferred choice… But suing my own brother and sister in court would further besmirch our parents’ names.

Without state machinery backing and a PAP-controlled MSM, PM Lee’s cowardly actions will force his siblings to retaliate via social and international media. Will this not drag on the dispute – with no end in sight – and further besmirch their parents’ names? Is PM Lee not concerned about Singapore’s reputation at all?

At stake is the integrity of the government – more than 140,000 public servants – but PM Lee is only concerned about the reputation of 2 dead persons, ie his parents.

Why is the leader of our country not bothered about the integrity of the government?

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