PAP may fall sooner than thought, a bit more light needed on transparency

PAP is not as omnipotent as Singaporeans have assumed; it has an Achilles heel. Just shine a bit more light on transparency and nature will take its course.

PAP is actually a very weak government because its competence is but an illusion created through the concealment of tons of material information over 5 decades.

Historian Thum Ping Tjin has also opined that the foundation of our government is actually sitting on clay: “So what we have today is a very brittle system which is still reliant on the personal authority of a dead man.”

Will PAP’s “brittle system” last a long time?

Clearly, transparency has always been PAP’s Achilles heel. It is so desperate to conceal information which belongs in the public domain and has even resorted to appointing former generals to helm government organisations, eg CPF Board CEO is ex paper general Ng Chee Peng with zero prior relevant experience.

If PAP is forced to be transparent, it will have to disclose decades-old Cabinet records on Operation Coldstore. This will reveal LKY’s underhanded means to imprison his political opponents and dissenters, the names of ministers and civil servants involved, etc.

Disclosure will prove too embarrassing and LKY’s legacy will go up in smoke. Likewise for Operation Spectrum.

History will have to be rewritten – truthfully – and PAP will be written off. 🙂

With regard to the construction of infrastructures such as the MRT system and roads, archived records will confirm that in most instances, PAP’s planning was shortsighted. This is the cause of most issues.

In other instances, there was totally no planning, eg from 2001 to 2011, the number of public hospital beds was unchanged despite a 1-million population increase.

Transparency will reveal serious shortcomings of PAP and disappoint even its propaganda-loving supporters. 🙂

A very important issue concerns unnamed entities which receive billions of dollars from our CPF and reserves annually.

Is it not a fact that top management in Temasek and GIC receive hundreds of million$, if not billion$, in remuneration annually?
Is it not a fact that billion$ are paid out annually to external fund managers of Temasek/GIC, some of whom are former employees?

It is also strange for Temasek and GIC to hold on to hundreds of underwater investments which do no fit into their investment philosophy, some almost worthless. For eg:

Temasek’s 12-year investment in NIB.

GIC’s Paladin Energy after almost a decade.


Opacity on the management of reserves and CPF is so crucial to PAP that it had to tweak the Constitution to ensure the undemocratic election of a PAP-friendly president. A PAP-friendly president does not ‘jaga’ our reserves and CPF but only looks after PAP’s interests.

Increased transparency on material information pertaining to our 2 SWFs alone may finish PAP off. It may have projected an image of strength but that’s not the reality.

PAP fears transparency because it will confirm policy failures; an inept government will be booted out.

PAP cannot afford to be transparent for reasons obvious to even idiots but, strangely, not elected MPs. What is needed to rid Singapore of an abusive government may be just a bit more light on transparency.

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