Allegations of power abuse by PM Lee but no sound, no shadow from opposition Workers’ Party?

For an opposition party, the Workers’ Party is more than a disappointment, like PAP B team.

Allegations of power abuse by the siblings of PM Lee have set social media on fire and the foreign media must be having a field day reporting and watching our aristocratic drama, daily. But no sound, no shadow from the WP. 😦

PM Lee’s reputation may already be in tatters which most don’t really care. What concerns Singaporeans most is the ramifications resulting from these serious allegations.

According to PAP, foreign companies invest in Singapore because of our political stability and a clean government. The allegations of power abuse has brought us to different level – lower. Will foreign investors reconsider other options in light of recent developments?

Unelected opposition parties, eg SDP, have issued statements but the WP has been totally silent. Again?


If there was any hint of a similar issue affecting WP, the PAP would have been out for blood and the affected WP member would have been finished by MSM.  He/she may have to leave Singapore for, perhaps, Myanmar? (ST still not letting up on Yaw after 5 years.)

Isn’t it strange that an elected opposition party only wants to be PAP’s punching bag?

Many Singaporeans consider WP’s behavior very ‘sia sway’. (No reference to Lim Swee Say)

Or maybe the WP may wish to call for another committee to look into the allegations of power abuse?

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