PM Lee’s ‘grave concern’ an insult to LKY, abuse of power allegations not addressed

I refer to CNA article, “Grave concerns’ about how Lee Kuan Yew’s last will was prepared: PM Lee”.

LKY was a lawyer himself and he was not of unsound mind months before his death. It is laughable that PM Lee is now implying that LKY had little understanding of how his will was drafted.

If PM Lee had grave concerns, this was never highlighted before, even 2 years after LKY had passed on. PM Lee should have settled his familee issue with his siblings – at his own expense – leegally.

The issue has now been complicated with the involvement of a ministerial committee and other civil servants funded by taxpayers.

Citing all these government committees may lend some critical support to PM Lee but they are essentially PAP-formed committees. Own self cannot check own self.

Are Singaporeans expected to believe that there will be an outcome different from PM Lee’s desired outcome?

The original joint statement by PM Lee’s siblings contains allegations of power abuse. These are the mother of all allegations of power abuse which PM Lee has refused to address.

Coming from the two siblings of a prime minister, the allegations will tarnish his reputation internationally as the news has gone global.
Financial Times
The Guardian
Asia Times
The Star (and other Malaysian media)

In the past, PM Lee did not hesitate to bankrupt political opponents and had even taken legal action on trivial issues such as a blog post by Roy Ngerng.  Why the double standard?

Why raise the issue of “grave concern” only now?    Something is not right. 😦

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One Response to PM Lee’s ‘grave concern’ an insult to LKY, abuse of power allegations not addressed

  1. Confused says:

    Yes. I am equally confused.

    As we know, the only ground for him is to prove is that his dad was of unsound mind during the signing of the Will failing which the Will will die2 stand because his dad is none other than a very seasoned lawyer himself and I believe all the Judges would agree to this.

    Was this why the matter was not referred to Court but use the organ of state instead?

    On the contrary, the one who prepared the Will will get into deep trouble as he/she is trying…..?

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