PAP’s house of cards may collapse soon

After 5 decades of propaganda, Singaporeans have been conditioned to foolishly believe that PAP is the best party to lead our country. Some citizens even think that PAP will be around forever. 😦

We had a clown from the SAF asking his audience to speculate on Singapore surviving into 2211, two hundred years away. And the silly audience participated when he asked them to keechiu.

The PAP is full of hot air and nothing they say or do will prevent their house of cards from falling, if it has not been expedited recently.

It is not difficult to see why PAP will fail because of their perfect-recipe-for-failure governance.

PAP has been governing Singapore:
– With minimal transparency and no accountability.
– Uses weapon of fear to control of citizens.
– Disseminates propaganda and half truths to distort reality.
– Abuse state organs to further its agenda.

PAP has therefore been living on borrowed time.

Nothing can be concealed by PAP forever, especially truth which doesn’t like to be hidden for too long.

The amount of embarrassing information concealed by PAP has been increasing over the years and must be a record for any government. With each passing year, the risk of disclosure, accidentally or otherwise, increases because more people would have access to the hidden information. All it takes is just one disgruntled person to leak the information and it will be game over.

Amount of concealed information has grown exponentially over 5 decades.

Any government can’t expect to govern properly while channeling limited public resources to concealing information from the people.

Why did the PAP refuse to release cabinet records – even those with no security implications – more than 3 decades ago? How badly will disclosure reflect on PAP?

When a minister could only offer self-insulting reasons to keep the PAP’s past a secret, the logical conclusion is obvious.  For those who are able to think.

Hmm .. wasn’t the name Lawrence Wong also mentioned in the joint statement by PM Lee’s siblings? :(​

On the issue of accountability, failures in the civil service are recycled among ministries, government agencies and GLCs. For 5 decades.

Not holding civil servants accountable may work fine for PAP but there is a cost to feeding all these leeches and a price that will have to be paid ultimately by Singaporeans. We should not underestimate their collective liability to our country.

Nobody can say for certain when the curtain will fall but when PAP had to amend the Constitution to elect a PAP-friendly President, the end may be near (not in terms of weeks or months, unfortunately). A PAP-friendly President will not question the government on our state reserves and the $338 billion in CPF monies managed by GIC.

Singaporeans should give a thought to how PAP really runs our country. With all that has been happening recently, it appears PAP’s house of cards may collapse soon.

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