Allegation of Ho Ching’s interference in the government warrants an investigation

The joint statement by PM Lee’s siblings must be taken very seriously by the government and, more importantly, Singaporeans.

There are allegations of power abuse at the highest levels involving Minister Lawrence Wong, PM Lee as well as his wife, Ho Ching.

Singaporeans should see this as an opportunity to address the issues and not fear discussing them. 🙂 In this post, I will just highlight the abuse by Ho Ching.

Joint statement:

Did Ho Ching “instruct Permanent Secretaries or senior civil servants”? It’s almost for certain.

The reality is any perm sec or senior civil servant who dares tell Ho Ching off will be risking his/her very comfortable retirement. The PAP is a vindictive party.

Another point on why Ho Ching likely did as alleged: money talks in Singapore. Money is the only measure of success and power in Singapore and Ho Ching earns at least 10 times more than the highest-paid perm sec. Any PAP-affiliate who does not earn peanuts has a tendency to extend his/her influence in an incorrect manner.

Or speak without thinking, for eg:

Ho’s obscene pay and ‘inherited power’ from her PM husband must have boosted her ego and made her feel she could impose on her …’minions’.

One can only speculate on how obscene Ho’s pay is because this piece of embarrassing information has been concealed by the PAP government.

Asset managers are paid a salary, performance bonus and a percentage of assets under management. Imagine if Ho was paid even a minute fraction of Temasek’s $242 billion worth of assets, her pay would exceed the total amount paid to the Singapore Cabinet. (1% = $2.4 billion, 0.01% = $24 million)

In a good year, it is possible for Ho to earn a total pay package in excess of $100 million.

If the allegation concerning Ho is true, it would also mean there must be much unhappiness among civil servants. Can civil servants serve citizens while providing a ‘personal service’ to the PM’s spouse?

The shocking revelations by PM Lee’s siblings warrant an independent investigation.

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2 Responses to Allegation of Ho Ching’s interference in the government warrants an investigation

  1. Confused says:

    If your claim that on a good year, the fund manager (fm) would probably take home $100 million going by the market.

    Shall we just take an average of $36.5 million annually since the goodyear has left many years ago. It is as good as saying the fm would be taking home $100,000.00 home daily (24/7/365) and assuming he works 24 hours a day without sleep, he would even be paid for $2,000.00 for using the toilet even for 30 minutes a day. Sounds quite amazing. But you know he won’t work for that kind of hours, it’s ridiculous.

    “The shocking revelations by PM Lee’s siblings warrant an independent investigation.”
    Who would dare to order this investigation? To be investigated by who? Tony Tan? You? WP? TCB? Even if by chance it happens, you probably can predict the outcome?

    TCB recently filed with High Court to get the Court to interpret if the coming PE should be considered the 5th or 6th elected Presidency Election and since it has gone through the PTC which likely means the Court needs to hear all the evidence to determine if it is 5th or 6th? However, strangely, the Election department has already busy issuing forms to eligible minority presidency candidates. Why didn’t they wait for the verdict of the Court? The verdict could point to the fact that Tan Ah Kow is eligible to run?

  2. william says:

    ownself can check ownself? kwa was the power behind the throne.

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