Only handful of Malay PE candidates, ‘winner’ will be butt of local and international jokes

I refer to Yahoo’s “Presidential Election 2017: Second Chance CEO Salleh Marican calls Halimah Yacob a good candidate”. link
The potential candidate has proven to be a joker even before confirmation of his eligibility. 🙂 This is because Minister Keechiu Chan has in a way confirmed PAP MP Halimah will be running for president.
However, Salleh has pretended to be in the dark and has said that that “…if you ask me who I prefer not to contest against, it will be Madam Halimah”. Salleh was all praise for his potential opponent, calling her a “good candidate” with “a good reputation” and being “popular“.

This is clearly going to be a fake contest as no candidate will sabo himself by giving all credit to his opponent.  Even before the ‘contest’ has started.

Unless the Presidential Elections Committee bends the rules for Salleh, he will be disqualified as he does not meet the new criteria under the recently-amended constitution. Salleh is simply helping PAP put up a wayang to raise Halimah’s standing.

This reserved/chope election is a farce as is evident by less than a handful of Malay candidates. How could there be less than 5 eligible candidates running run for president to serve 3.4 million Singaporeans?

Former PAP MP Abdullah Tarmugi, a potential candidate, is many times more qualified than joker Salleh. But he has refused to serve despite the encouragement from many Singaporeans. ST article

Another potential Malay candidate is 54-year old Mr Bahren: “It is always a privilege and honour to serve the nation. At the moment, my focus is on growing the business of Bank of Singapore with my team …”

Growing the business of a bank is more important than serving the nation?

Malay Singaporeans are aware of the self-insulting reserved election and victory means being insulted: the ‘winner’ will be the butt of jokes, locally and internationally. 🙂

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