Why did PAP invite new citizen Manu Sawhney to steal our lunch?

To PAP, born and bred Singaporeans are no longer talented and this has resulted in various government/government-related organisations employing foreigners/new citizens to top management positions.

One such new citizen invited to steal our lunch is Manu Sawhney, a former Indian national who became Singapore Sports Hub (SSH) CEO in 2015. In less than a year, the new CEO had caused an exodus of senior management personnel who left under mysterious circumstances. TOC article This is not fake news. πŸ™‚

Some have speculated that Indian nationals have been parachuted into SSH and had caused unease among those who left. Although this is a serious issue, the PAP government seems disinterested to get to the bottom of the matter.

Manu was reported to have left ESPN after a 16-year stint. But the fact is Manu, Managing Director of ESS, had been replaced after the company was bought over by News Corp. The Hindu​

Perhaps he was jiak liow bee but we will never know. 😦

Unlike his former fellow citizen Nisha Padmanabhan who got her master’s degree from a known degree mill but was still hired by the government, Manu received his from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT). This institute is unheard of in Singapore and probably everywhere else except … some Indian states.

According to uniRank, IIFT is not even a top 200 university in Asia. If the PAP government is so concerned about university ranking, why are there so many FTs from unknown unis working in government organisations?

A Wikipedia search has confirmed IIFT is just a mini university with 49 academic staff and 31 administrative staff.

Years ago when Manu received his MBA, the university was likely to be much smaller.

I am sure most Singaporeans would agree that there must be at least a handful of born and bred Singaporean graduates more qualified than Manu for the post of SSH CEO.

Why then did the PAP government employ a new citizen – someone who had never served the country, ie NS – to steal our lunch?


CNA has just reported that Manu Sawhney has resigned with immediate effect following an internal investigation into an anonymous complaint against him. A police report had almost been filed against Manu for staff abuse. TOC However, Sports Hub has “decided no action was warranted” and “the investigation has been closed”.

So why would any CEO sacrifice his million-dollar pay? Sports Hub – funded by taxpayers – owe Singaporeans some answers. Unless of course the government is not accountable to the people.Β  Again.

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4 Responses to Why did PAP invite new citizen Manu Sawhney to steal our lunch?

  1. Sinkie says:

    Modus operandi of foreigner assholes like this is to screw Sinkies for all their worth and when things no longer working out, will take a 1-way flight out of S’pore, and go thru some easy means to get back india passport.

  2. Mel says:

    Strictly speaking, sports hub is not funded by taxpayers. It is not even owned by the Government. It is a PPP project and will only belong to the Government after 25 years.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Am pretty sure the government has a lot of say. It is in the nature of a controlling PAP.
      Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

      • Confused says:

        If you’re pretty sure the pap government has a lot to say, there must be something.

        Who would allow outsider to meddle with their business if they have duly complied with all the governing acts?

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