Minister Josephine Teo’s most profound statement: milk is milk

The amount of rubbish spewing from PMO Minister Josephine Teo’s mouth is just incredible.

Recall that Josephine was the joker who once said:

About 7 months ago, she became a sex expert overnight and encouraged Singaporeans to make babies, no need to think about setting up home.  More important thing for couples is to quickly find a small space and remember Nike’s slogan.

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Josephine can’t seem to stop embarrassing herself and recently tried to take Singaporeans for a ‘milk is milk’ ride. CNA article

In trying to deflect the issue of escalating cost of formula milk raised by her parliamentary colleague Tin, Josephine even suggested that consumers are not sufficiently educated. CNA: “Expect more public education on formula milk and a bigger push for breastfeeding ….”

But wasn’t the government pushing for breastfeeding since … 1979? (see below) How big a push is Josephine talking about now?

TOC article: “To protect and promote breastfeeding in Singapore, the Ministry of Health (MOH) established the Sale of Infant Foods Ethics Committee, Singapore (SIFECS) in 1979. This committee formulated and implemented the Code of Ethics on the Sale of Infant Foods in Singapore..”

According to the Health Promotion Board, this is to “guide the marketing practices of the Infant Food Industry”.

And so it appears that many at the HPB must have been sleeping since 1979 or later, causing the average cost of formula milk to increase by 120% in the past 10 years. Someone must be held accountable but isn’t it better to cover up HPB’s blunder?

Should HPB CEO Zee Yoong Kang, a former paper colonel, be given the boot?

​What about government-run NTUC Fairprice which carries a range of expensive formula milk? No one knew prices were going through the roof since 10 years ago?

To make things worse, Josephine even claimed that she had bought “whatever was cheapest or on sale” for her kids. Netizens naturally doubted anyone with a million-dollar income would be so kiam siap when it comes to baby nutrition. Not saying that she lied but there’s always a possibility as this joker has lost all credibility. 😦

Going by her logic on sufficient nutrition, Josephine and her family should not be dining at restaurants since hawker food also provide “enough nutrition for adults [babies] to grow healthily”.

As usual, PAP politicians seize every opportunity to sing praises of themselves.  Shameless Josephine on the AVA: “As long as AVA approves its import, the milk is good enough.”  Subtle PAP propaganda at work again.

Josephine should quickly unlearn her cock talking skill so that she will be less likely to embarrass herself in future.

The issue has to do with accountability which, again, has not been addressed.

Josephine: “Milk is milk, however fancy the marketing.” Hmm… Singaporeans don’t know meh?

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2 Responses to Minister Josephine Teo’s most profound statement: milk is milk

  1. Sinkie says:

    Coming from someone who stays in a bungalow and drives German/continental cars??
    Sure she bought “whatever was on sale” but most probably from the top 3 most expensive brands and not some orang asli brand. Likely to be the various options from the same expensive brand, as babies have tendency to prefer a particular brand/flavor.

  2. Chua Gary says:

    MIWs have the same mentality, they talked down and look down on the average S’pore Joes and Janes. Her boss’ old fart was the one who encouraged them to behave in this manner. They’re the elitists, the ruling class and Sinkies ( the peasants ) are trained to acquiesce to whatever they said and the policies they implemented. Sinkies will be screwed deeper and tighter if they don’t bother to change their mindsets.

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