Government should recognize contributions of full-time mothers with token contribution towards their retirement

I refer to “Mothers the ‘pillars’ of families: PM Lee in Mother’s Day post”.

The PAP government knows that talk is cheap and has kept on talking and talking about ‘one of the toughest jobs’.

Many elderly mothers were once full-time housewives who do not have any retirement savings. If the government was ever sincere about recognizing their sacrifices, it could have at least given them a token CPF contribution of, say, a few thousand dollars yearly. They then do not need to rely on whatever little balances in their spouse’s CPF retirement account.

It’s not that Singapore is dead broke but our self-serving kiam siap government would rather reward themselves with hundreds of millions in bonuses.

So, talk is not really cheap but in fact FOC as it cost the government nothing.

At the bottom of the CNA article was an image of a hen and 3 chicks from PM Lee’s Facebook.

However, I am confused by the message PM Lee is trying to put across because our stat board, AVA, has culled hundreds of chickens recently.

Hmm .. couldn’t CNA have used another image?

PM Lee’s parting motherhood statement: “Take time today, and everyday, to show your mum how much she means to you!”

Couldn’t a prosperous country like Singapore recognize the sacrifices of full-time mothers with some token contributions towards their retirement? Or perhaps it’s better for them to continue exercising?

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