PAP spurs stuck into the hides of Singaporean undergraduates must be removed

The unbelievable shortage of doctors in Singapore is due to PAP’s screwed-up planning. This has resulted in public hospital appointments stretching for months or even up to more than one year.

Public healthcare institutions are managed on a for-profit basis and they have tried to lower costs by hiring lower-paid doctors from third-world countries. Some are willing to work for as little as $3000, according to an online report. link

​Singaporeans should not buy into PAP’s propaganda about our world class public healthcare institutions. Instead, we should be asking ourselves why there are no doctors from first world countries. This is not to say that local doctors or all foreign ones are substandard.

A friend whose daughter took up medicine 5 years ago told me that there were many foreigners enrolled in the same course. (Hope some readers can confirm this.)

With more than 300 new doctors every year, why do patients have to wait for months just to see a doctor?


How many foreign undergraduates are funded by the government? If there’s a shortage of doctors, why aren’t more scholarships given out to local undergraduates?

There should be only a handful of foreigners funded by taxpayers because we have an oversupply of “outstanding” students, according to PM Lee.

In 2011, PM Lee pointed to the 2,000 applicants for 300 places at the National University of Singapore’s medical school and said. “All of them had outstanding results.” universityworldnews
Why should outstanding Singaporeans be forced to study at foreign universities while foreigners study at public universities at our expense? No wonder more Singaporean talents are not returning.

Not only has PAP implemented a pro-foreigner policy, more PAP spurs have been stuck into the hide of local undergraduates in the form of exorbitant tuition fee increases over 26 years.

Image source

According to master statistician Leong Sze Hian, PAP has increased university tuition fees by between 6.7% and 11.1% for 29 years. TOC article (That “University tuition fees were increased sharply, by 30% (for non-medical courses) in 1989 and a further 35-40% in 1991” is testament to PAP’s very short-term planning.)

What makes this bad situation worse is the fact that inflation rose at an annual rate of only 1.9% from 1986 to 2014. As Singaporeans paid more, our government coffers swelled and PAP was able to increase the grant quantum for an increasing number of foreigners.

Singaporeans do have a choice to put an end to this sorry state of affairs. Hopefully, many will wake up, remove the PAP spurs stuck into the hides of local undergraduates and stick them into PAP. 🙂

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2 Responses to PAP spurs stuck into the hides of Singaporean undergraduates must be removed

  1. Confused says:

    “The PAP government has been keeping 2 sets of statistics – one for itself and another for the public. This is an unethical practice.” Quoted from your previous post.

    So it looks like the PAP government is also keeping 2 sets of inflation figures for different purposes. One for CPF minimum sum, U tuition fees, what else?

    if our CPF saving return has been increasing at the way the tuition fees have been increased by different % rates for different faculty as claimed by LSH at 6.7%, 7.3%, 8.4% & 11.1%, for the past 30 years? Our saving of as little as $20,000.00 30 years ago would have turned in a total of $$139,946.7, $165,585.3, $224,858.1 and $470,383.2 respectively today. Where got money not enough? A lot more people would have met the so called Minimum Sum today or even half of that.

    Isn’t it that the PAP government not working hard enough for our CPF monies while imposing high % on the increase in MS while choosing another lower rate for our CPF return? Is it Not 2 sets of standards used?

    • Sinkie says:

      Thanks to MAS for encouraging & maintaining a pathetic savings interest rate since 1997 Asian Financial Crisis until now. CPF rates are tied to banks savings interest rates. Because of this, CPF returns and conservative savers have been punished for last 20 years, and looks to be continued punishment.

      At the same time govt couldn’t be bothered to control high interest credit/loans and high inflation for food, housing, medical, transport, education — the essentials of life in a city. That’s why poor get poorer and rich get richer in SG. Since the rich are the ones controlling & selling the loans and other essentials to the rest of Sinkies.

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