PAP government should not keep two sets of statistics on foreigners, something amiss

The PAP government has been keeping 2 sets of statistics – one for itself and another for the public. This is an unethical practice.

Of course PAP has the statistics on foreigners studying at local unis. Years ago, NUS staff statistics even had a breakdown by nationality. link

Out of 974 research staff, 464 or almost half were from PRC vs only 180 Singaporeans. Singaporeans form only 20% of the total number of research staff.Β  And why were there only 17 UK and 17 US research staff?

A top ranking NUS only able to attract hundreds of research staff from a communist third-world country? 😦

From the above table, we can see just how embarrassing it must have been for PAP to shoot itself in the foot. And of course, similar statistics are no longer published.

Statistics on foreign students are being concealed by NUS and all other local unis even though they are obligated to disclose to the public.

Since it is only logical to suspect something is amiss when a company keeps 2 sets of accounts, something must also be amiss when PAP keeps one set of statistics for itself and another for the public.

What do you think?


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