PAP MP Ting Pei Ling sacrifices constituents for full-time private sector job, Money No Enough?

It’s hardly surprising for PAP MP Tin Pei Ling to wanna return to the private sector after 6 years as full-time MP.

This is because everyone who joins PAP is in it only for the money.

It was a promotion of sorts for Tin when she left Ernst and Young at 27; her MP allowance was probably double that of her last drawn pay. As an MP, Tin also got the chance to network and understand the inner workings of the PAP system.

Tin’s MP allowance puts her in the top decile of resident taxpayers and many Singaporeans would not mind putting in 101% of their time to really really serve. Unlike NSFs who receive peanuts allowance but need to serve full time, Tin has a choice while receiving an allowance that’s 15 time the average NSF allowance.

Although Tin now has a baby, it could not have been due to the lack of finances which forced her to delegate her ‘service’ to volunteers. Tin’s husband also earns more than a million tax dollars as MinLaw perm sec.

Tin: “My position with the company will offer job flexibility for me to fully discharge my MP responsibilities.” Sure or not? Is there really not much to do as an MP?

Tin: “I will continue with my weekly engagements, including MPS, block visits, and grassroots events as before. I will also continue to oversee ongoing & upcoming community projects and programmes.”

But where in the world is she going to find the time for all these?

Wasn’t Tin already struggling to strike a balance between work and family life before landing the new job?

                                      ​Image source
Tin has been employed by Jing King Tech Group and one has to assume the company is not paying her to shake leg: there must be some time commitment at least.

Assuming an average of 6 hours committed to the company daily, where is she going to find time for block visits, ribbon cutting, MPS, grassroots events, attending wakes, emergencies, etc?

What about bonding time with little Ng Kee Hau who will be turning 2 soon? Time with husband or other family members doesn’t matter?

Tin doesn’t have 30 hours a day and something has to give: she appears willing to sacrifice her constituents.

Or perhaps there is really not much for her to do after delegating most of the work to volunteers as she even had the time to pick up used sanitary napkins.

If PAP MPs want more money, just say so la. No need to be pai seh and invent all sorts of excuses. Don’t assume Singaporeans are goondus. 😦

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One Response to PAP MP Ting Pei Ling sacrifices constituents for full-time private sector job, Money No Enough?

  1. sgplblog says:

    I think a good solution would be to replace the MP salary, with an hourly wage given by doing things like attending parliamentary session, outreach with constituents, working on policy proposal and legislation and working on other job’s related to being an MP

    This will prevent MP’s who don’t take their job seriously from receiving any benefits while still providing rewards to those who do take their job seriously

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