Shameless PAP elites lavish tax dollars on themselves, bask in Singaporeans’ glory FOC

Congrats to Sonny Liew on getting not 1 but 6 comics’ Oscars nomination. πŸ™‚

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Sonny’s achievement is something which the government should be proud of. However, the PAP government has contributed nothing to his success.

In 2015, Sonny was awarded a grant of $8,000 from the NAC but he had to repay the spent portion after it was discovered that LKY and Lim Chin Siong were featured in the 340-page book in cartoon form. link The 1987 Operation Spectrum – where 16 alleged communists were detained but not proven till today – was also turned into a plot and this was of course not acceptable to the PAP.

Should Sonny win any international awards, rest assured our shameless politicians will be clamouring to be on social media with him. This is to give the impression that they have all the while been supportive.

Recall that after swimming Olympics golden boy returned from Rio, every MP and minister had wanted to ‘congratulate’ him. However, the PAP, or rather Minister Grace Fu, had earlier on justified not screening Joseph’s event ‘live’ because it was a “commercial” decision.

Grace subsequently flipped prata and sang a different tune after MediaCorp signed the ‘live’ telecast deal. MediaCorp is funded by taxpayers and controlled by PAP.

Schooling’s success came at a huge price to his parents who had spent more than $1 million. Again, PAP had contributed … nothing. 😦

Hmm … aren’t they shameless?

There is no lack of resources to support home-grown talents but these self-serving PAP control freaks demand instant results and as such would rather take shortcuts, eg importing an entire team of table tennis players from China, including coaches.

PAP only wants to lavish tax dollars on themselves as is evident when the 5 key FAS personnel earned $1.6 million while the annual budget of many football clubs is less than $10,000.

And the government expects results?

Over the years, other Singaporeans have brought glory to Singapore on the international stage. In other countries, citizens would have been supported by their governments but Singapore is truly unique as PAP will only provide support when assured of glory.

In many instances, the PAP doesn’t even fund one single cent Everything must be pow chiak and at the lowest possible cost. Better still if FOC. No wonder most Singaporeans take after our kiasu-kiasi leaders.

I will highlight a typical instance of getting something for nothing by the government. My nephew, Christophe Ang, was invited by the Singapore Powerlifting Association to represent Singapore at the Asia Oceania Powerlifting championships in Uzbekistan in December 2015. He won Overall gold and gold for bench press.

Did the government contribute anything to his winning at the competition? Costs of hotel, airfare, food, etc? Even a token amount?

The government contributed NOTHING! It simply expects sports to be powered by…. passion.
Singaporeans have already proven to PAP that we don’t need foreigners to punch above our weight and the dead leader has been proven dead wrong on many occasions. The lack of public resources means we just have to work harder and it may take longer to achieve our dreams. But Singaporeans can overcome all odds.

(LKY merely wanted to justify importing millions of foreigners as cheap labour for GLCs and converting them to citizens to win more votes for PAP.)

PAP has spent a disproportionate amount – tens of millions of tax dollars – on table tennis alone. Why can’t it even spend a fraction of this on every other sport?

PAP-appointed top management personnel in sports associations have collectively been earning tens of millions in tax dollars but these people really have no interest in sports.

The poster boy is FAS CEO Lim Chin, a former paper colonel. 😦

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Why not spend even a fraction of their undeserved income to develop Singaporean athletes?

For decades, PAP elites have been drowning themselves in tax dollars. Isn’t it downright disgusting to bask in Singaporeans’ glory when citizens put in all the effort with little to no support from the PAP government?

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