School mergers: PAP government should disclose its plans for land redevelopment

The PAP government has used the excuse of a 20% lower cohort size to merge 28 schools. It has refused to disclose the government’s plan to redevelop the land besides stating that they will be returned to SLA.

In any democratic country, the issue would have been raised in Parliament, involving all stakeholders. For the profit-seeking PAP to make a decision behind closed doors, there is definitely more than meets the eye.

Including all recent school mergers, affected students and teachers number in the tens of thousands. But students and teachers are apparently not stakeholders to PAP. Hmm .. “never mind what the people think”. 😦

(Was it a last minute search for more land to construct condos or HDB flats to house a population beyond 6.9 million? Whatever it is, PAP will be taking back land that’s worth tens of billions of dollars. After all, GDP has already hentak kaki as confirmed by PM Lee’s “easy ways” to grow the economy has “maxed out”.)

In the case of JC mergers, an entire cohort of Tampines JC (est. 1986) students will be transferred to the newer Meridien JC (est. 2003). link But did PAP even plan for Meridien JC to be able to increase its enrolment by 150% overnight?

On the issue of the newer Innova JC (est. 2005) relocating to Yishun JC (est. 1986) which is about 20 years older, MOE claims that the 31-year old Yishun JC is more “accessible” than Innova JC. If accessibility was MOE’s concern, the newer Meridien JC should be relocated to Tampines instead.

Tampines JC or Meridien JC more accessible?

Not only does Tampines estate offer more amenities, an MRT station is being constructed at Tampines JC’s doorstep.

With the new MRT station, the land value has just increased substantially . Should PAP construct an estimated 1500 units of HDB flats on the vacated site, this could rake in at least $3 billion in government revenue.

In 2016, the government had announced the merger of 22 secondary schools before 2019.  All in, 50 schools will be merged and the government will be taking back 25 plots of land for redevelopment.

How much will PAP profit from merging all schools?

In all PAP’s planning, its real motive is to profit in order to justify million-dollar salaries of ministers and perm secs. Citizens’ welfare is incidental.

The PAP government should cease propagating half-truths in the MSM to mask its real objective in school mergers.

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