Singaporeans still can’t see through PAP ‘s ‘hike-cost-then-give-rebate’ ruse?

Singaporeans have been scammed for decades but most still enjoy being fleeced by an unchecked government.

PAP’s ‘hike-cost-then-give-rebate’ ruse has proven so successful and no one should doubt its ability to squeeze blood from a stone. This technique looks set to continue working for centuries to come as 70% of Singaporeans have given their wholehearted support to enrich the elites.

How the ruse works:
1 Announce fee hike in the PAP-controlled media.
2 Announce justifications, no matter how ludicrous, in the MSM.

3 Line up ministers/MPs/pseudo grassroots leaders to issue more self-insulting statements to support ruse.
4 Conduct PAP-sponsored surveys.
5 Offer rebates to ‘help’ citizens.

In a dysfunctional democracy such as ours, real public consultation or debate in Parliament will never happen.

A recent example is the increase in town council S&CC. In 2014, my S&CC was increased by 10% after which PAP offered ‘rebates’ to ‘help’ me offset rising costs.

Snr Parl Sec for Education and Manpower Hawazi then gave this assurance: “There are no further plans to increase S & CC at the seven town councils which last raised their rates in 2012.”

Less than 3 years later and after massive lift breakdowns, all PAP town councils announced yet another S & CC hike. This time, it offered higher rebates due to higher hikes. I understand more HDB residents are happier as a result.

Hmm … words of PAP MP no pakai?

The ultimate beneficiaries of this ruse are none other than PAP-controlled managing agents EM Services and CPG Facilities Management. These 2 MAs had screwed up big time in lift maintenance but their mistakes will be covered up with a S & CC hike.

Every rebate given by PAP is never for no rhyme or reason: rebates ultimately find their way back to businesses controlled by PAP or government coffers.

If only the majority of Singaporeans would just think a little, PAP would have ceased fleecing us. 😦

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