White collar criminals like pastor Dr Kong Hee must be put away for good

Pastor Kong Hee and his gang of fraudsters, less Chew Eng Han, started wearing their prison uniforms yesterday (21 April).

Lead fraudster Kong has been slapped on the wrist with a 3 1/2 year jail term. With good conduct, Kong will be out in 2 years and 4 months for his leadership role in AGC’s “Fraud of the worst kind“.

Not only was the $50 million involved a record, so were legal fees estimated at up to $15 million as “the matter is not over yet”. Such a ridiculously short sentence is a joke, as everybody – including the government – knows.

To add insult to injury, Kong has never shown any remorse. Repeating “sorry” for having made “unwise decisions” cuts no ice with more than 10,000 former members and his victims, ie “unwise decisions” amounted to fraud, thousands of followers scammed. Talk is cheap.
Kong is ‘flame proof’ and has instead asked his followers for forgiveness. Kong runs CHC as a corporation and a CEO who commits fraud with top management should not expect forgiveness: he is immediately sacked and packed off to jail.

Kong expects forgiveness but was he ever a forgiving person?

Recall that CHC had threatened its own member Roland Poon 14 years ago when he alleged that church funds had been used to finance Sun Ho’s music career. In 2003, poor Roland was forced to apologise to CHC in the mainstream media, incurring $33,372. link

Now that we know Roland did the “right” thing and that Kong has been caught red handed, where is the apology due to Roland Poon? If $33,372 worth of apologies had to be incurred for Roland to be forgiven, shouldn’t Kong’s apology span an entire newspaper in order for the church to forgive him?

Millions in church funds were indeed used to fund Sun Ho’s music career and opulent lifestyle.
                           ​         Image source:Transitioning.org

If Kong was remorseful, why has he not made any restitution to the church?

Instead, Kong has continued to live in his Sentosa penthouse, paying $17,000 in monthly instalments.
After paying off millions in legal fees, how is Kong still able to pay off hefty monthly mortgages and personal expenses to continue living the high life? Kong is really not serious about selling his penthouse, ie price tag of $10 million above market price. Hmm … maintaining the “prosperity gospel” at all costs?

Kong has maintained that his Sentosa Cove property “is our temporary home“, not since weeks ago but July 2015,almost 2 years ago. During the 21 months that the penthouse was put up for sale, Kong has paid about $357,000 in monthly installments. This amount is equivalent to the price of a new 4-room HDB flat.

CHC’s Crossover Project is a scam, no doubt. It was meant for Sun Ho to cross over from religious music to secular music. If secular music could convert the masses to become more ‘religious’, it would have already been done in western countries.

If songs like China Wine could gain converts, the devil would have become a Christian. Don’t believe? Listen to the song for yourself here but make sure there’s a vomit bag around.

Did Kong only recently decide to scam his followers? Kong appears to have hatched his plan more than 2 decades ago..

It has recently come to light that Kong had paid between US$3,360 and US$7,540 for his Master in Divinity and Doctorate in Theology from a DEGREE MILL from 1989 to 1995 with a 2 year break in between. mustsharenews

Local talent Kong, sorry, Dr Kong had managed to complete his studies at no-physical-campus-degree-mill NCIU in 4 years. Subsequently, Dr Kong sat on the board of the …. degree mill.
               Read more about NCIU @ same link above.

Dr Kong’s intent to scam was conceived years before the Crossover Project and that’s one reason why CHC’s setup is more like a MLM company.

CHC employs a similar sort of marketing used by MacDonand’s decades ago by targeting impressionable teenagers: they eventually provide a life-long income to fraudsters like Dr Kong and his ilk. (McDonald’s targets children. Once they are addicted, they become life-long customers. Bonus customers for MacDonald’s – children are accompanied by parents, Ah Kong or Ah Ma.)

Dr Kong’s elaborate scam has been exposed and if he is not put away for good, more harm will befall society. The government must send a clear message to other white collar criminal wannabes.

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4 Responses to White collar criminals like pastor Dr Kong Hee must be put away for good

  1. Vern says:

    Yes and recently he seem to apologize. I suspect that this is due to AGC saying they want to continue to pursue the matter , thus KH is scared that his original sentence of 8 years may be repealed. He does not seem to be repentent at all, only apologize at this last minute due to mounting public unhappiness and AGC decision to repeal.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      CHC and PAP leaders are no different when it comes to offering a halfhearted ‘apology’. Like KH who has now been forced into a corner, PM Lee did so at the last minute pre GE.

  2. ToTo says:

    Nicely summarized. The end does not justify the means. Taking candies from children will not have such wide ranging support and encouragement however, taking candies from adults is apparently lawful when adults are no more discerning than children sometimes

    On the furface, it is a legitimate organisation which appears to be useful and helpful to the community. But such religious contribution requires deep indoctrination and the empowerment of leadership which will have detrimental implications in society and politically long term.

    Is it wise to tap these useful contributions when the strings attached may just sink an entire nation in the longer term?

    Play with fire, fire will burn the whole house down like in Rome.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      I believe the government is aware of such a development but has been ignoring this for its benefits.
      “Is there a Conservative Christian influence creeping into Singapore’s politics?”. Below quote taken from https://www.reddit.com/r/singapore/comments/32bs96/is_there_a_conservative_christian_influence/
      “There is, however, a significant number of Singaporeans from the evangelical right who are going to school for the purpose of entering the civil service so that they can do “God’s work” in their own activist interpretations instead of pleasing God by just y’know… doing a good job. The initially swift decision to destroy the books by NLB is indicative of the evangelical right’s success, and it should have been chalked up as a success for them if not for the mass public attention called to the issue.”

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