Fake news: MRT operator confirms Pubic Transport Council fake reasons to hike fare

For immediate release: Pubic Transport Council (PTC) fake reasons for impending fare hike


Dear commuters

Please accept my apology for all the epic screw ups and the failure of my company to identify the root cause. 😦

For once, I will speak the truth about our MRT system – without any propaganda – as this will enable me to sleep soundly tonight for the first time in my CEO life.

As you know, the PTC and Minister Hara Kiri have indicated, or rather confirmed, another fare hike. And you would have also known that what you have been reading in the MSM is of course propaganda.

Most commuters have rightly not believed that they are “Helping (to) pay for a better ride” because they shouldn’t be paying. This is because the cost of improving an unreliable system should be borne by the government, not commuters. How will commuters have better rides with the population increasing by almost 100,000 – mostly foreigners – every year? More crowded trains/buses = A better ride?

Government propaganda has angered many frustrated commuters and to say that the PTC is talking cock is clearly an understatement.

Since many netizens have access to similar information online and there is no way you can be hoodwinked anymore, let me by completely upfront for once.

Service standards have not improved since I took over and all the surveys conducted by PTC are of course fake surveys, ie all the questions are tailored to achieve a ‘higher commuter satisfaction’ outcome.

For example, after the population had increased by about 700,000 since 2008 and buses were packed like sardines, PTC claimed commuter satisfaction had increased by almost 10 percentage points last year. If this was true, commuter satisfaction may hit more than 100% soon.

In all honesty, MSM has been assisting transport operators to mask our failure with half-truths. But this is no longer possible as there are reliable sites which have been keeping track of our fault(y) system, for eg FAILRAIL.sg,.

Commuter anxiety has also reached epic proportions: students fear being late for exams, employees late for work and executives late for meeting. Labour productivity has also taken a hit with more than 56 million man hours lost due to our unreliable system. This is clearly unacceptable and, again, please accept my sincerest apology.

Since the start of the year, there have been about 20 disruptions with more than 50% of them occurring during peak hours. Below is an incomplete list.

For more detailed information, please visit FAILRAIL.sg.

Our system will not improve any time soon or in the distant future because the current population was not factored into its design 4 decades ago. It will therefore continue to fail like clockwork and like the Chinese say, “no medicine can help”.

Yesterday (11 April), we had a major disruption during morning rush hour. link The previous major disruption was er …. the day before (10 April). Less than 2 weeks ago, there was yet another one during evening peak hours on 30 March.

If nothing happens today (12 April), take it as a bonus. πŸ™‚

Original image @ mustsharenews

The government can continue to throw billions to replace or upgrade individual parts but strolling along MRT tracks is guaranteed to become an increasingly common sight. As we head towards a 6.9 million population and beyond, be prepared for the mother of all breakdowns.

Although our MRT system is nothing to be proud of, do be discerning when reading online news which could be fake to make service providers like us look bad. Be wary of an increasing number of netizens who just anyhow hantam.

But also bear in mind that news in print could also be fake news, for example the non-existent 90% plus commuter satisfaction.

All said, do be aware that PTC’s reasons for the next fare hike are fake.

Dustbin Quack

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2 Responses to Fake news: MRT operator confirms Pubic Transport Council fake reasons to hike fare

  1. Confused says:

    No one know the arts of tweaking numbers better than our pap government?
    There are too many indeterminate questions or rather black boxes around.

    The answers to all these questions always invite comments like the too familiar “likedatosocanmeh”?

  2. Confused says:

    Did our MRT only start running in 2008?
    Why were those % of satisfaction in the 2000 not included? Were these comparison using after 2008 data taken out of context?

    Would inclusion of those % of satisfaction in the 2000 put those after 2008 to shame?

    As far as data is concerned, if it is taken out of context, it can mean a world of difference and distort the full picture.

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