CHC fraudsters’ mega discounted sentences a travesty of justice, government must act

It appears the Great Singapore Sale started earlier this year for the white collar CHC criminals.

However, the mega discounts dished out by our justice system to fraudsters Kong Hee and company has caused public outrage. The AGC should seize the opportunity to redeem itself.

Law Minister Shanmugam has said the AGC had believed that “the sentences given out earlier at a lower court should have been higher”. The government had also “believed that the original sentences were too low as well“. CNA And so does the public.

We are not talking about a case of neigbhour A cheating neighbour B of $50 but a 30,000 strong congregation being fleeced by a group of immoral religious leaders. It is also the mother of all corruption cases involving $50 million.

When lead fraudster Kong Hee will be released from jail in only 28 months for committing what the AGC has claimed to be “Fraud of the worst kind“, does this not make a mockery of our justice system? 😦

MSM has also been supporting CHC by publishing biased articles such as “Disappointment, but sense of closure for CHC members after appeal verdict” (CNA) and “CHC ‘deeply saddened’ by appeal decision” (CNA).

Public outrage at the unbelievably lenient sentences did not matter, non news to MSM. Hmm .. never mind what the people think?

Why should former finance manager Sharon Tan’s sentence be reduced by 2/3 for her part in the fraud? A participant in “Fraud of the worst kind” serving jail sentence of less than 5 months?

Why is mastermind Kong Hee’s sentence only 2- and 4 months higher than Chew Eng Han’s and Tan Ye Peng’s respectively? CNA Donkee should be put behind bars for a long time to send the “right” message that white collar crimes will not be tolerated.

In a less elaborate scam involving church funds many years ago, Catholic priest Joachim Kang was jailed 7 years for embezzling only $5.1 million. Kang had pledged to return all the money.

But in CHC’s case, the amount given to Xtron to fund Sun Ho’s music career was astronomical. For FY 2007 and 2008, Xtron had chalked up losses of $2.4 million and $9 million respectively.

Origninal image @

In 2013, it was reported that “Sun Ho lost more than $14 million on album”.

In reducing Kong Hee’s jail sentence to a ridiculous 3.5 years, JA Chao and Justice Woo stated that “the conspiracy involved no personal gain on the part of Kong and his accomplices”. Hello, sure or not?

Questions for Chao and Woo:
– If your wives benefited millions, assuming you are in a spiritually loving relationship, will you not derive any personal benefit as well?
– If Sun Ho had lived in Singapore, household/family expenses would have been borne at least partly by Kong Hee. Didn’t Kong Hee derive any benefit when daily expenses of Sun Ho and his son were borne by CHC members while she was in the US?
– As one of 2 principal shareholders of AMAC Capital Partners, didn’t Chew benefit directly in ‘managing’ tens of millions of CHC monies?
– If Sun Ho’s music career did not flop, would finance manager Sharon Tan and those on CHC’s Board not benefit from increased membership? What about those who had set up businesses targeting CHC members as customers?
– Serina Wee had set up Advante Consulting, an accountancy services firm, in 2007. Was she providing accountancy services to CHC foc?

As can be seen from the above, “the conspiracy involved no personal gain on the part of Kong and his accomplices” is merely a half truth.

Chao and Woo also said: “This case should not be viewed as a sinister and malicious attempt on (their) part(s) to strip the church of funds for their own purposes. They were acting in what they genuinely believed to be in (the church’s) interests”.

Then why the need to cover paper trails? If CHC members had believed that building funds were better diverted to Sun Ho’s music, which in the long run would save millions of lost souls, why roped in so many people in an elaborate scam instead of being upfront? Hmm … Chao and Woo appear to be mind readers because evidence run contrary to their statement.

How could there even be “exceptional mitigating factors” when all the fraudsters have shown NO remorse? Till today, none has admitted to their crime.

To a layman, including me, the mega discounts should not have been given to such white collar criminals at the expense of taxpayers.

To regain confidence and trust in our justice system, the government has no choice but to take the “right” action to bring these criminals to justice.

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5 Responses to CHC fraudsters’ mega discounted sentences a travesty of justice, government must act

  1. Jimny says:

    Well said

  2. Confused says:

    All the 4 Judges involved in this CHC CBT Trial matters are from High/Supreme Court either during the Trial at State Court or the Appeal in the subsequent High Court. They can be found in this below link (

    I am not legally trained but If I am allowed to assume that 4 of them are of equal standing, would the following spring a very different and interesting scenario?

    Had Judge Chao or Judge Woo been presiding over the CHC CBT Trial at the State Court instead of Judge See earlier and either of them issued out the lighter sentences (As per results of the Appeal) and accordingly, the AGC went on to appeal to the High Court which was presided this time by Judge See & Judge Chan, and either one of Judge Chao or Judge Woo, would the situation be totally reversed? Meaning the higher sentences for all the 6 instead of lower? In reality, this combination is highly possible if the assumption is correct.

    As a layman and using logical thinking, if 50% of the 4 High Court Judges plus our Law Minister including AGC think that the sentences should be higher and they went on to appeal and it turned out to be otherwise? Somethings is surely not right.

    Are the rule of Laws (Drafted by AGC as Drafter of Law) which is used to prosecute this CHC CBT matter so ambiguous that even 50% of the 4 Judges differ in opinion?

    It would be interesting to know how are the other High Court Judges including our Chief Judge look at this?

  3. Paul Leong says:

    God, Christ and the Holy Spirit – the 3 Divine persons lived in
    poverty in life – why can’t they follow their footsteps??

    • Phillip Ang says:

      CHC has gone in the opposite direction. The fraudsters have played on their members’ fear, greed and ignorance.

  4. Xian Long says:

    It just set the benchmark for sentencing against white collar corruption through round tripping of funds. Punishment for round tripping of CDF funds to cover up investment losses made by the wife of the dishourable son will be made less severe in the future.

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