CHC fraudster Kong Hee and company jail terms reduced on appeal, AGC wasted millions in tax dollars

The High Court has drastically reduced the jail terms of CHC pastor Kong Hee and his company of fraudsters. CNA (Apr 7)

Singaporeans are shocked because prosecutors had earlier stated that the CHC scandal was “Fraud of the worst kind“. Not only has the AGC failed to increase the fraudsters’ jail terms in its appeal, the defendants have managed to get them reduced.

How is it a “Fraud of the worst kind” when the mastermind’s jail term is only 3 1/2 years?

Among the 4 fraudsters with jail sentences of more than 5 years, lead fraudster Kong Hee was given a whopping 56% discount. This must surely be a record and a slap on the AGC’s face, one on each side.

Religious crime pays in Singapore?

According to DPP Ong, “Kong Hee had benefited indirectly, because his wife Sun Ho was the direct beneficiary of the sham investments“. Kong Hee had also encouraged Sun Ho’s US manager to “plan as if the sky is the limit” . Donkee was aware that CHC funds were not available and said that they would “work out how we are going to get the funds later“. link Kong Hee’s intent could not have been clearer.

By reducing the mastermind’s jail sentence to only 3 /2 years, doesn’t it make a mockery of our justice system?

Kong Hee’s wife was burning cash in Hollywood in what most have agreed was a futile attempt at spreading God’s word. 😦

Photo source: mothership

Since the CHC scandal was first uncovered in 2010, the government has spent tens of millions in tax dollars to bring these criminals to justice. However, the sentences do not reflect the severity of the crime.

By letting off a group of religious fraudsters lightly, it appears that millions in tax dollars have gone down the drain. 😦


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9 Responses to CHC fraudster Kong Hee and company jail terms reduced on appeal, AGC wasted millions in tax dollars

  1. sinkie says:

    Actually the cheapest way is to throw away the law books and just confiscate all their properties & bank accounts. Don’t even need to spend money for court proceedings or to house them in Changi for XX years. This will be able to cover most if not all of the $50M that gone down the drain. Even Sharon Tan, the smallest fry of the lot, has substantial holdings — her whole family is migrating to US these 2 months — they won’t migrate if don’t have large cash amounts. But PAPies won’t do it beoz they scared same thing can be used against them.

  2. Phillip Ang says:

    Could the “her family is moving to the United States” be only a temporary one and not migration?

    • sinkie says:

      Maybe…. Anyway she got permission from judges to have 2-month “leave” to help her family move to US & settle there first. She’ll come back to start her Changi holiday only in June.

  3. Dan says:

    The biggest fraud is the return of CPF savings IN FULL to foreigners and the non-return (except in small monthly installments at 65 instead of 55 years old) to Singapore citizens – discrimination against your own citizens.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Hundreds of thousands of inactive foreigners’ accounts paying above-market interest rates are still being managed by CPF Board after members have left Singapore for good. Something is clearly not right. There are many other issues.

      Please copy and paste whichever CPF posts you find will create more awareness on anyone’s social media. As I have mentioned, there is nothing for me in all this blogging against government policies. Except maybe trouble in future. 😦 Thanks.

      • Confused says:

        You are right. Something is clearly not right. There are many other issues.

        Why would the pap allow cpf of those who have left to continue to enjoy “above market interest”? Isn’t this the privilege of entitlement only to be opened and strictly for Singaporeans only??

        The only logical reasoning is the “above market interest” is after all nothing to be shout about. Or something else? To keep the monies for use for as long as possible?

        ε€šε€šη›Šε–„. You know I know?

    • sinkie says:

      Soon the monthly installments will start only from 67 yrs old. I fully expect for myself the rules will have changed to start only from 70 yrs old. Unless PAPies get kicked out in the next 10 years.

  4. Curious says:

    As act of remorse Kong Hee should return the $50million which was spent on promoting his wife’s singing career which I do see how it is related to spreading the gospel . Can someone please explain how songs like Chinese Wine or whatever Sun Ho ‘s songs are called is related to bible teachings or is a means to spread the gospel?? In what circumstances are indiduals considered agents and be liable under Section 409 of Penal Code ? How come sentence was reduced without any restitution ? Better not donate to this church until the law holds church officials fully responsible for losses or misuse and require offenders to reimburse the church should funds be misapplied

    • Phillip Ang says:

      In the first place, there is no such a thing as prosperity gospel which appeals to a person’s greed. CHC leadership is all about greed, with members networking and using the church as a platform to conduct business.
      Sun Ho is of course a big delusional joke herself and has probably not looked into the mirror for years. πŸ™‚
      Forget about remorse because if Kong Hee ever does that, it would amount to admittance of guilt. The 16,000 membership, already halved from a high of 33,000, will be reduced to a trickle. It will spell a natural death.

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