AVA must learn to be honest with Singaporeans

By engaging in disseminating propaganda instead of being upfront, the AVA has lost all credibility.

Since AVA culled the endangered Red Junglefowl species at Sing Ming Avenue, it has hidden behind MSM propaganda and never had the guts to apologise for its mistake.

In an attempt to cover up AVA’s error, “free-roaming chickens” has become AVA’s ‘buzzword’ in PAP-controlled MSM. AVA is hoping that over time, the public will only remember that it had culled “free-roaming chickens” instead of the Red Junglefowl. This is how propaganda works.

MOS for National Development Koh Poh Koon was at it again in Parliament but this time, he was responding to questions on the culling in Pasir Ris. CNA

However, PAP MP Louis Ng had consistently stated that the “free-roaming chickens” culled by AVA were in fact the endangered Red Junglefowl. Instead of a proper response, asshole surgeon cum MOS Koh evaded the question and gave a non answer.

AVA should have been able to determine the species it had mistakenly culled by now but has probably concealed the information from Singaporeans. It doesn’t help when MPs are not interested to ensure material information is disclosed in Parliament.

AVA had also initially said the culling was due to noise concerns but later flipped prata and said it was due to bird flu concerns. Without admitting to its mistake, can such an organisation be trusted?

Question for AVA:
Do you want to be perceived as dishonest, a coward or both?

The ball is in AVA’s court and it should do the “right thing”. πŸ™‚

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One Response to AVA must learn to be honest with Singaporeans

  1. Confused says:

    Are they birds with the same feathers and flocked together from top to bottom??

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