Foreign-talent imam stirring shit in Singapore deported, MHA should not have defended his action

Since Lau Goh’s open-leg policy was implemented in the early 1990s, Singapore has been able to attract all sorts of dubious foreign talents, eg PRC Yang Yin who cheated an elderly widow of record millions.

Now, we have an imam trying to stir shit here.

Do we need to hear foreign talents talking cock like PAP?

On 3 February, Minister Shanmugam said that “religious preaching that encourages violence or seeks to pit one religion against another will not be tolerated. But if he had said that Jews and Christians should be defeated … to make that very point, then that is completely unacceptable”.

But less than a month later, House Speaker and MP Halimah Yacob simply brushed Shanmugam off by commenting while police investigations were ongoing. link

Halimah made the following comments:

(His apology was a) “positive move that ought to be taken into consideration“.
“I think the most important (thing) is, he realised what he did was a mistake”
And Halimah also speculated that:
“Probably, he didn’t know, or quite understand the context of Singapore society”
“He also realised that what he had lifted from his hometown in India may not be so applicable here”.

Who was Halimah expecting to take the apology into consideration? My Ah Kong or Ah Ma? How well did Halimah know this chap? (Recall that PAP MP Intan also supported PRC cheat Yang Yin’s successful appeal for PR link)

If Halimah was some makcik discussing politics in Geylang Serai or a half-past-six Singaporean blogging at likedatosocanmeh, it would have been fine to comment. Halimah is not only an MP but also the President-select and Speaker of Parliament. To top that, the 63-year old non-makcik was called to the Singapore Bar in 1981.

Halimah should have known better than to comment while police investigations were ongoing. Will she be issued a stern warning?

In 2015, the AGC reminded members of the public to refrain from making comments related to 3 men charged in Thaipusam incident. AGC spokesman: “As criminal proceedings are currently before the Courts, we would like to remind the public that statement made may be sub judice contempt of court,..”. Halimah is not merely a member of the public but an extremely influential Malay community leader.

Halimah should have also known that the FT imam is no spring chicken. Imam Nalla has been working in Singapore since 2010 on a work permit. Could he not have known or “quite understand the context of Singapore society” as Halimah has speculated?

Any foreigner who has not “settled into the Singapore context” after 7 years should “balik kampong” and Singaporeans should be glad that MHA has done the “right thing”. MHA has announced the imam has been sent packing a few hours ago.

However, MHA saw fit to put in some good words before his departure with the following statements:

“The action against Nalla has been taken with some regret
“Nalla has worked diligently … over the past seven years”
“He has not been deliberately malicious”.

Wa lau eh. How come our PAP government die-die must still praise a work permit holder who happens to be a shit stirrer? Which country regrets deporting shit stirrers? 😦

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