More major MRT disruptions akan datang, commuters should not expect otherwise

As to be expected, there was yet another major MRT disruption on Thursday (30 March) during evening peak hours. link

Source: TOC (Kim Twitter account)

But PAP isn’t to blame for parachuting incompetence into top management of SMRT, SBS Transit, LTA and MOT because a majority of Singaporean commuters did in fact vote to have a broken MRT system.

If a former paper general is fit to be SMRT CEO and his former army buddies – all without prior relevant experience – are able to run an MRT system, we might as well replace Lee Hsien Loong with any Ah Kow. Or how about Minister Yaacob’s “somebody from Geylang Serai“?

Some commuters are still puzzled as to why major disruptions keep occurring during peak hours. They should not be.

The MRT system was designed for a much lower population of 4 million but trains are now forced to run at max frequency during peak hours. Is the system designed to take such a load? The answer is ‘no’.

In May 2016, SMRT had to “reduce its evening peak train fleet on the North-South and East-West lines in the aftermath of last month’s power incident that crippled the western half of four lines“. link This major disruption was caused by a “trip at the Buona Vista power intake station” and had affected about 100,000 commuters, again during evening peak hours. SMRT had belatedly realised that it could not suka suka increase train frequency without any consequences.

Will our MRT system – designed in the 1970s for a 4-million population – not constantly break down with a 5.7 million population? Singaporeans should not engage in wishful thinking.

Isn’t it obvious that increasing major disruptions will be a permanent feature of our MRT system as the population approaches 7 million in 13 years’ time?

The entire MRT system is now unstable and unreliable but PAP has refused to acknowledge its planning error. WP MPs should have asked MOT Minister Khaw the following questions:

Was the MRT system designed for a population of more than 4 million?
If yes, how many?

Inconvenient questions which of course the self-professed religious minister is unable to answer. 😦  WP should also not continue to ignore the elephant in the room.

Our MRT system has been clocking too much ‘overtime’ since more than a decade ago. No amount of piecemeal efforts will produce a miracle.

If commuters are serious about putting a stop to the mother of all major disruptions, the logical action to take is not vote for such a system in the first place. No point taking to social media and KPKB knowing more major disruptions akan datang right?

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