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Should statutory board CEOs’ pay be pegged to the private sector?

CEOs of stat boards are not labeled ‘jiak liow bee’ without a good reason. Most of them are former civil servants and scholars who have not worked a single day in the private sector. Nevertheless, PAP sees fit to peg … Continue reading

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Minister Khaw also wants commuters to feel the full price of public transport

The government has created an inflation spiral to boost GDP figures. After the water price increase, public transport fare increase akan datang. (CNA article, “Need to strike balance in transport cost burden: Khaw Boon Wan”. link) Khaw: ”Over the years, … Continue reading

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Did PAP lie about water price increase?

(Below is a comment on my post. Did PAP lie? You decide.) I can say without a shadow of doubt that PAP is LYING when it says current water price is not reflecting current cost of production. Since 1990 onwards, … Continue reading

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PAP should delay, review water price increase

The indefensible water price increase has seen minister after minister, including PM Lee, arguing illogically (hilarious Indranee) and attempting to “limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion” (disgusting Kee Chiu Chan) on the ‘debate’. After cooking up ridiculous justifications, PAP is … Continue reading

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MRT station partially submerged before opening, got protection against flooding or not?

ST correspondent Christopher Tan couldn’t resist taking a dig at LTA in his article “Burst pipe causes flooding at Bencoolen MRT station”. ST: “All new MRT stations are protected against floods caused by freak storms. But the Bencoolen MRT station … Continue reading

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NTUC Income makes obscene profits for PAP government, should lose ‘cooperative’ status

Our Singapore government has unique powers to redefine just about everything. Besides pseudo ownership of HDB flats and our CPF, we also have pseudo cooperatives such as NTUC Income. A cooperative is defined as an organisation or business jointly owned … Continue reading

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Giving 3.4 million tax dollars to SBS and SMRT amounts to daylight robbery

SBS Transit and SMRT Buses are considered companies in the private sector. The failure of top management in every company means only one thing – incompetence will be booted out. However, both CEOs at SBS Transit and SMRT Corp are … Continue reading

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Minister Lim contradicts SMOS Indranee, PAP still in denial of impact of high costs

After PAP had decided to increase water prices, SMOS Indranee made an incredibly stupid statement at government REACH forum. Indranee said that the cost of goods “should not and ought not go up“ despite the cost water – a basic … Continue reading

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Triple taxation on water consumption still want to hike water price?

A water price hike when economic conditions are least favourable is indefensible. PAP MPs and ministers have painted themselves into a corner because the decision to increase water prices was made behind closed doors. With the current public outrage, the … Continue reading

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PAP increasing water prices to create inflation spiral and boost GDP, transparency issue persists

The MEWR has made a mistake to increase the water tax by 30% at a time when our economy is facing headwinds. Common sense dictates the postponement of a water price hike but this, and all other hikes, has already … Continue reading

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