Should Madam President turn into reality, Singapore habis

PAP MPs and ministers should consider consulting a psychiatrist for their severe delusional disorder.

For example, PAP MP, House Speaker and President-in-waiting Halimah Yacob: “Compassion was never far away ..”. link

Is ‘enabling’ hundreds of elderly cardboard collectors, one as old as 95, to earn a living compassion?


Or ‘empowering’ hundreds of elderly citizens – many octogenarians – to work as cleaners in food courts, hawker centres, MRT stations, shopping centres and Changi Airport compassion?

Compassion was never far away? Hmm… this makcik must be delusional.

Halimah: “Help schemes must help.” What a joke for another run-of-the-mill PAP MP to state the obvious. Perhaps she will soon be telling us ‘the sun shines brightly’ or it’s ‘dark at night’?

Halimah has admitted the PAP government is “business-like” but at the same time, disgraces herself with this self-praising statement: “We may be business-like, but in no way do we lack the cut and thrust of parliamentary debate.”

Debate in a 93%-PAP-dominated parliament is as good as dead. The absence of debate, ie one without a foregone conclusion, is the reason why PAP does not permit live streaming when parliament is in session except during the Budget ‘debate’. This allows embarrassing segments of so-called ‘debate’ to be edited by the PAP-controlled media.

Should a delusional Halimah be ‘elected’ president, Singapore really ‘kee-chia’.

An ‘election’ after a selection of a list of PAP approved candidates is undemocratic, making the PAP government the butt of others’ jokes. Singaporeans should not give legitimacy to the PE by not voting and should enjoy the day off with family and friends.

The reason for preventing a non-PAP candidate from being elected is an open secret: investments in reserves, especially our CPF, must be disclosed only to a handful of PAP’s inner circle.

Public disclosure of material information such as investment losses, especially in GIC, will see PAP booted out from power overnight. Having a PAP-unfriendly president is a risk PAP can ill-afford to take.

If (s)elected president, Halimah will remain as silent on our reserves as second-key jaga Tony Tan. Or maybe even sleeping on it like S R Nathan

Should Madam President turn into reality, in my most humble opinion, Singapore habis.

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2 Responses to Should Madam President turn into reality, Singapore habis

  1. Jayden Lee says:

    Despite identifying herself as a Malay, Halimah Yacob is has an Indian father who died when she was 8.

  2. sinkie says:

    I seriously doubt there would be any election. Those non-PAPpy candidates who want to run cannot meet the EP requirements. While those non-PAPpy who can are not interested to run. So sinkies can safely book their Sep school holidays overseas trip. BTW 1st Sep Fri is hari raya haji. 2nd Sep Sat is the start of Sep school break. So don’t worry sinkies — quick go book your long weekend getaway.

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