Should statutory board CEOs’ pay be pegged to the private sector?

CEOs of stat boards are not labeled ‘jiak liow bee’ without a good reason.

Most of them are former civil servants and scholars who have not worked a single day in the private sector. Nevertheless, PAP sees fit to peg their remuneration to the private sector for reasons which boggle the mind.

This sort of convenient arrangement to further PAP’s political agenda has dug Singapore into a hole, now looking more like an abyss. How does anyone without prior relevant experience contribute in any meaningful way to an organisation? Is there really no one who is more qualified other than a book-smart scholar to be CEO?

Since the hot topic is on the impending water price increase, let’s take a look at how jiak liow bee PUB CEO is. During such a ‘crisis’, the CEO should be taking centre stage to assuage consumers’ concerns. As for PUB CEO, there was no sound, no shadow.

Till today, he is still hiding behind his political masters who have been selling koyok to justify the increase in water prices.

CEO Ng Joo Hee knew as much about PUB as any Ahmad or Ah Kow before the mishandling of the Little India riot forced his transfer from SPF as CP to CEO of PUB. Ng was a SPF overseas scholar. According to a blogger, he was also “Singapore’s worst ever police commissioner”.

In October 2014, Ng was appointed (meritocracy?) by PAP to replace PUB CEO Chew Men Leong. Like Ng, Chew was a former SAF overseas scholar and navy chief who knew as much about PUB as you and I before he was parachuted into his CEO role.

Former navy chief CEO replaced by former police chief.
Unedited Image source @ Today

Chew’s predecessor was President cum Colombo Plan scholar, Khoo Teng Chye. Khoo’s relevant experience included being an MD of Temasek Holdings, CEO of government-linked companies PSA and Mapletree Investments.

These book smart guys are all PAP-appointees and like PAP, concerned with profiting in any way they can from taxpayers and consumers, not with improving our well being.

All CEOs of stat boards are appointed based on their aligned interests with PAP. To me, it’s a disgrace to call themselves CEOs as they are as fake as foreign ‘monks’ begging for alms in Singapore or fake branded goods. Should just rename their title to ‘CEL’ or Chief Executive Leech.

PUB is a stat board – funded by taxpayers – and should not be run as a for-profit organisation. PUB’s ‘loss’ instantly becomes a ‘profit’ after topping up from the government and its ‘profitability’ has nothing to do with its CEO’s performance.

Why then should the remuneration of a stat board CEO be pegged to the private sector?

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4 Responses to Should statutory board CEOs’ pay be pegged to the private sector?

  1. sinkie says:

    BTW, CEOs of stat boards are still civil servants even though they are supposedly out of SAF or SPF — they are still under the civil service administrative service scheme i.e. superscale salary grade. 99% of the time, their headcount is not under the stat board, but instead under PSD or the relevant ministry.

    For e.g. the principals & vice-principals of the local polytechnics (stat boards) are not under the headcount of the polys, but instead under MOE.

  2. Disappointed says:

    I believe that the mediocre standards in the govt today is due to meritocracy.
    Stupidly, I’d always believed that this meant a person’s Ability to do a job.
    However, it was announced recently that ability would only Now be considered
    bigly for leadership posts.. One was otherwise picked based on academic
    qualifications. It is unbelieveable that performance took a back seat to grades.

    Still no mention has been made of people’s ability to lead – to inspire, encourage,
    handle different personalities, expectations, get the best out of staff. One has only
    to look at the pix of the head honchos of govt companies, of the new lot of ministers,
    to see these guys don’t have it. They’re so flat-faced and personalityless it’s
    almost frightening. They look like dead fish and react in the same way. They don’t
    even come close to their pre-1990 predecessors. You may disagree with that
    lot but they radiated leadership and personality. They were good at their job,
    efficient, knew how to handle people, were open to breaking rules, as well as
    willing to argue their case, which they did well.

  3. Phillip Ang says:

    “They’re so flat-faced and personalityless it’s almost frightening. They look like dead fish and react in the same way”. 🙂
    I don’t think most Singaporeans were stupid before internet came along. With MSM in total control of disseminating information, most of us fell victim to propaganda. There’s also this overwhelming fear factor due to PAP’s omnipresence. 😦
    But all this is in the past and we should be looking to how we can contribute ‘constructively’. 🙂

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