PAP should delay, review water price increase

The indefensible water price increase has seen minister after minister, including PM Lee, arguing illogically (hilarious Indranee) and attempting to “limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion” (disgusting Kee Chiu Chan) on the ‘debate’.

After cooking up ridiculous justifications, PAP is quietly hoping the issue would fade away. But how could it when businesses and consumers will eventually be hit by an unexpected bullet which cannot be bitten?

Despite triple taxation levied on water consumption, MEWR Minister Masagos has continued to insist water has not been priced fully.

Masagos and other ministers have also offered these reasons for the price increase:

– “Consumers must feel the full price of water every time he or she turns on the tap, right from the first drop”
– “Water is a strategic issue”
– “It is a national security issue”

Is PAP acknowledging all its past campaigns to save water have failed?

But why hit low-end users when the water tax hike is supposedly directed at water wasters? Why not just increase taxes on water consumed above x cubic metre per household which is deemed wasteful?

Why should low-end users pay additional taxes for consuming water for their daily needs? By hitting low end users with the water tax hike, ordinary households are effectively subsidising wealthy households.

Well, if it’s really a national security issue or strategic issue, why allow swimming pools in private houses and condominiums? Should Singaporeans indulge in a luxury at the expense of our national security?

Why hasn’t BCA stepped in and limit the size of private swimming pools?

In January this year, Singaporeans were informed by Minister Vivian Balakrishnan that there was a “significant risk’ that “Linggiu Reservoir may dry out this year”. link

But there was no mention of strategic/national security issue.

Some clownish minister in the PMO has now attempted to instill fear and has framed this as an “existential issue” since 1965. Problem is, has Chan even spoken up on this issue since 1965? And when our main source of water supply dipped to dangerously-low levels, why the total silence?

Has water become an existential issue only because PAP wants to profit from consumers by raising prices?

(Chan had actually disagreed with SMOS Indranee when he said the water price increase “will feed through the cost of living”.)

Arrogant Keechiu Chan acting smart in Parliament

A minister should learn to think before opening his mouth or he will be seen as someone merely talking cock.

The fact is, PAP is constructing water infrastructures to cater to an increase of more than 1.2 million, consisting of more than 700,000 foreigners, by 2030.

In a properly functioning democracy, the issue is debated in Parliament BEFORE a decision is reached, not AFTER.

As taxpayers, consumers have already contributed to infrastructure construction costs. It doesn’t make sense to subject the additional taxes we have paid for water consumption to a drastic hike.

The government should come clean on its mistake and discontinue wasting public resources on defending it. The sensible thing to do is delay and review the increase in water prices. And please stop all the B S from our million-dollar ministers because it really makes them look like asses.

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One Response to PAP should delay, review water price increase

  1. sinkie says:

    I can say without a shadow of doubt that PAP is LYING when it says current water price is not reflecting current cost of production. Since 1990 onwards, PAP has NOT provided any public utility that is priced below cost. The constant price increases for electricity & gas tariffs show this to be the case. In fact the current water price + taxes are already MORE THAN cover the current cost of producing potable water AND cost of processing waste water as well.

    1. Water Tariff — covers cost of producing potable water.
    2. Waterborne Fee — covers cost of processing waste water.
    3. Sanitary Appliance Fee — covers cost of processing our shit & urine (in fact this is payment to 2 profit-making companies: SembWaste & Veolia).
    ** So far the above 3 items fully cover the water usage, waste water, shit & urine.
    4. Water Conservation Tax — this is a penalty on water usage, currently 30% of Water Tariff.
    5. GST — applied on ALL items above.
    ** Items 4 and 5 are already above & beyond the cost of water, shit, urine etc.

    So where’s the justification for price increase to cover increase cost of water production?!?!

    PAP’s intention is to extract money from the people NOW in order to pay for FUTURE building of new desalination plants, new newater plants, new water treatment plants, R&D in water treatment, new sewerage plants, new underground water pipes, salaries & bonuses of extra staff & scientists & scholars, etc etc. And to do this money extraction as fast as possible.

    An HONEST govt will come out & tell the people this is EXACTLY why the increase is required, instead of trying to BULLSHIT the people like they’re 3 yr old kids.

    HONESTY will require accurate figures, costs & prices to be shown for past, present & future. Whether current & future projected govt revenue can cover all those new water plants, R&D, staffing etc or not. If future govt revenue cannot cover, then explain to the people why need to increase tax collection somewhere e.g. water tariff and/or water conservation tax. And proper analysis & justification for the amount of increase. Why 30%?!?! Pluck from the air?!?!? Want to collect enough money in the shortest possible time and the rest of the money go into GIC & Temasek?!?!?

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