MRT station partially submerged before opening, got protection against flooding or not?

ST correspondent Christopher Tan couldn’t resist taking a dig at LTA in his article “Burst pipe causes flooding at Bencoolen MRT station”.

ST: “All new MRT stations are protected against floods caused by freak storms. But the Bencoolen MRT station on the yet-to-open Downtown Line 3 was partially submerged last Friday (March 3) by water that came from within”.

The weather should be pleased as, for once, it is not PAP’s punching bag when flooding occurs.

As recent as last year, the weather was still taking a hit for creating a ‘waterfall’ in MRT train which left commuters drenched.

But the above ‘waterfall’ is really nothing compared with last Friday’s ‘waterfall’ in Bencoolen MRT station.

Screen grabs from video here

MEWR Minister Masagos may wish to take note that the above ‘waterfall’ has wasted tons of potable water and must have compromised our national security.

As usual, the government mouthpiece has allowed LTA to explain away another honest mistake.

LTA: “Water was channelled into the drainage pits and the valve was shut down within 15 minutes.” Hmm … sure anot? If the water was channelled into “drainage pits”, the pits must have been clogged/too small to discharge large volumes of water because the video shows water in the pump room going nowhere.

In the event that flooding occurs in a station, is there a plan B?

LTA: “The water pipe at the elbow location has since been reinforced to make it more rigid”. Why was it insufficiently rigid in the first place? No LTA oversight resulting in engineering error? Now no one responsible for wasting tax dollars?

Are MRT stations really protected against freak floods? Will flood barriers work when we need them? Or will they be as effective as the ‘cat claw’ device which failed to snare a Mercedes-Benz at Woodlands Checkpoint?

LTA’s screw up this time is probably caused by its poor/no oversight of contractors. Can LTA protect MRT stations against flooding caused by freak weather when it can’t even prevent flooding caused by contractors?

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2 Responses to MRT station partially submerged before opening, got protection against flooding or not?

  1. sinkie says:

    With most of the MRT & other govt contracts being done by China companies (or controlled by China companies), don’t be surprised of built-in sabotage features that can be used by China as hostage or negotiation advantages or as outright retaliation. Hahaha!!

  2. Phillip Ang says:

    And it’s not just our MRT system but all infrastructures.

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