Is PM Lee a leader of leaders or suffering from delusional disorder?

Ahmad: Bro, our PM Lee really can bluff himself that heaven and hell sama sama. Really. Go read Today article “Leaders must be able to take criticism, acknowledge mistakes”: PM Lee”. link

Ah Kow: Wa lau eh, he machiam lecturing other leaders like he is the leader of leaders. But he should not say this la.

Ahmad: Why?

Ah Kow: His father Lee Kuan Yew was someone who could not take any criticism. Everything he must be correct and record shows LKY had sued until his opponents’ pants drop. How many times did LKY acknowledge his mistakes? Since LKY did not acknowledge his mistakes, is PM Lee implying that his father was not a leader?

Arumugam: Seriously, if you read the entire article, you will know that something is really wrong with PM Lee because everything he said is the opposite of reality. PM Lee may need to seek treatment for delusional disorder.

PM Lee: ..leader of a nation to be close to the ground and not surround himself with yes-men…. accept differing views and criticism, as well as acknowledge his mistakes and to change decisions when merited.

Reality: PM Lee is surrounded by MPs who do not even have the guts to question him on issues of transparency and accountability. These self-serving MPs are top 1% earners in Singapore and do not experience most of the issues faced by ordinary Singaporeans. How could they be close to the ground?

Every government makes mistakes but over 5 decades PAP has made tons of them. Instead of acknowledgement, PAP has covered up mistakes with propaganda and frequent tweaking of legislations.

PM Lee: You have to have a sense of what it looks line not from the point of view of the policymaker, but from the point of view of those who are at the receiving end of your policies.

Reality: Policymakers do not even consult Singaporeans whenever they decide to increase costs. It is therefore not possible for them to look at issues from the view of those who are at the receiving end. What policymakers do is create the impression that help has been rendered through propaganda. The end result is people are impacted by policies and increasingly forced to seek assistance from the government.

Former top civil servant who had a close relationship with LKY has also contradicted PM Lee.


PM Lee: I try not to surround myself with ‘yes, sir’ men.

Reality: So far, Singaporeans have not seen any PAP MPs who have said ‘no, sir’ to PM Lee. Anyone who dares say ‘no, sir’, such as Inderjit Singh on the PWP, will not be in PAP for long. Former army personnel are frequently inducted into PAP and parachuted into top management of stat boards, ministries and GLCs. Army personnel are all trained ‘yes, sir’ men.

PM Lee: Instead, what a leader needs around him are people who have their own views, whose views you respect, whom you can have a productive disagreement with and work out ideas which you might not have come up with or who improve on ideas you had.

Reality: People who have their own differing views are not respected by the PAP because PAP does not allow anyone to question them on issues of transparency and accountability. Also, anyone who wants to turn up and tell PM Lee off will hesitate when he thinks about his million-dollar salary. Again, this is according to Ngiam Tong Dow.

Ngiam: “As a result, the entire political arena has become a civil service, and I don’t see anyone speaking up anymore.”

PM Lee: You may find that after thinking it over a day or two, he has a point and you have to find some way to accommodate that and to acknowledge that you were mistaken.

Reality: Opposition party members have raised many points but PAP has never acknowledged, much less accommodate, them. In Parliament, PAP MPs will attempt to shoot down every point raised by opposition MPs. Subsequently, some policies will take into account the same points raised by opposition MPs and quietly implemented.

PM Lee: It is not just a thing you pass in Parliament … you have to justify to the public, and the public has to understand, accept and support it.

Reality: PAP never needed to justify anything in a never-mind-what-the-people-think Parliament. LKY had already made very clear the kind of talk down government he wanted. Goh Chok Tong did not need to justify the Foreign Trash policy. Neither did PM Lee need to justify implementation of the PWP.
Did PAP justify pricing in land cost in HDB flats which buyers don’t even own?
Or delaying CPF withdrawal?
What about using part of CPF returns to supplement the budget?
Promoting generals with no private sector experience to CEOs of stat boards?
Concealing material information?

Which major policy did PAP have to justify and convince Singaporeans before implementation?

Ah Kow: Hmm … now I can see very clearly our leader is ‘bo ho say’. How can someone preach the opposite of what his party has been doing for 5 decades?

Ahmad: Perhaps PM Lee is able to con (vince) a foreign audience but to Singaporeans who are more acutely aware of the damage inflicted by our only-PAP-knows-best government, PM Lee seems to be suffering from a severe form of delusional disorder.

Any civil servants or PAP MPs speaking up on this?

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One Response to Is PM Lee a leader of leaders or suffering from delusional disorder?

  1. DavidLKSee says:

    (1) What LEADERSHIP ???
    More like “LEEderSHIT” (i.e. PAP perverted version of LEADERSHIP)

    (2) Quotable Quote:
    “…A mere Politician thinks of the Next ELECTION.
    A true Political Leader thinks of the Next GENERATION…”
    Rightful Question:
    Are our obscenely-overpaid filthy-rich PAP Million-dollar Ministers true Political Leaders or mere Politicians or, worst, actual Political Nincompoops ???

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