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NParks anyhow claims inspections exceed global standard after falling trees caused a fatality and injuries

Dear NParks CEO I refer to “Inspection of trees in Singapore in line with global standards: NParks”. link NParks can claim anything it wants as they are not verifiable anyway. SOPs always look impressive on paper but the reality is … Continue reading

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Yaacob Ibrahim tries to convince tertiary students that Singapore needs a racist PE

The Elected Presidency is a farce as everyone knows; even Malays feel insulted by the tokenism. After running out of propaganda victims, PAP decided to try its luck with Minister Yaacob recently targeting Malay tertiary students. link Will Malay tertiary … Continue reading

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HDB lessees ripped off by PAP town councils for their improper lift maintenance

With the 15 PAP town councils announcing there will be yet another S & CC hike, the HDB lift enhancement wayang is finally over. (“PAP town councils to raise service and conservancy charges from June”) link The increase this round … Continue reading

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Town council does not manage estate properly, estate officer MIA?

Below is an email to MP Sapari, Chairman of my town council. HDB lessees pay a town council to manage our estate but more often than not, the estate officer has gone MIA. Even for obvious issues, estate officers will … Continue reading


AVA flipping prata, should clarify or may be labeled a liar

In “Chicken culling issue raises need for more awareness”, the article clearly stated “The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) killed 24 free-roaming chickens in Sin Ming after residents made 20 noise complaints last year”. But 10 days later, … Continue reading

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PAP navel gazing = Committee on Future Economy future gazing?

Talking cock has increasingly become a favourite PAP pastime in the Year of the Rooster. A report recently released by the Committee on Future Economy has been lambasted not only by opposition party members but also former PAP MP Inderjit … Continue reading

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NParks should not be overly concerned about its image, focus on doing a proper job

Dear NParks CEO Er I refer to CNA article, “Trees surrounding fallen Tembusu in Botanic Gardens are safe: NParks”, dated 12 Feb. Understandably, NParks has tried to reassure the public on safety at the Botanic Gardens after a fallen Tembusu … Continue reading

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NParks must discard Lee Kuan Yew’s ‘garden city’ vision or expect more fatalities

I refer to CNA article, “1 dead, 4 injured after Tembusu tree falls at Singapore Botanic Gardens”. link Living in Singapore has certainly become more dangerous as one could be killed while exiting a HDB lift, driving ** or in … Continue reading

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Time for PAP to fix our broken public housing system

Singapore’s bestest public housing system is all propaganda. It is in fact broken as broken can be. Public housing has to be affordable (no frills, cheap and good) to serve citizens. But how could public housing be affordable (according to … Continue reading

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PAP government creates more low-paying ‘aviation’ jobs for foreigners

CNA headline screams “More than 2,300 jobs available at Changi Airport career fair” to give the impression of good jobs created by PAP. But the fact is, most of them pay slave wages when we take into account our high … Continue reading

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