Minister Indranee is not a harebrained goondu, easy ways to grow GDP not maxed out

During the post-budget REACH wayang, SMOS for Finance Indranee Rajah tried to defend PAP’s arbitrary 30% increase in the price of water.

Although the increase will trickle down to all goods and services, Indranee pretended she didn’t know fundamental economic concepts and said: “The cost of such goods should not and ought not go up”. link

Many Singaporeans have now mistaken Indranee to be some sort of goondu and even labeled her ‘bird brained’. Most have still not realised that she was only acting out her role in this PAP wayang.

By becoming a punching bag, Indranee has achieved PAP’s objective, ie deflect the issue of 30% increase in water price. The focus is now on her ‘stupidity’ but a goondu Indranee is not.

If Singaporeans could just think a little deeper, we should have realised by now that PAP has been increasing our GDP by mostly increasing our cost of living. Isn’t increasing water prices part of the same GDP growth plan?

Other instances of own self increase own cost of living approach to increase GDP:

– Increasing HDB flat prices by including land cost
– Introduction of COE (but never resolved congestion issue)
– Introduction of ERP
– Increasing healthcare costs

PM Lee: “Productivity is very tough to do.” link (Taxpayers paid PAP to do an easy job meh? Isn’t it very tough now because you guys have been taking shortcuts by increasing costs and growing the foreigner population?)

More recent instances of arbitrarily increasing costs include increasing the price of motorcycle COEs from $224 in February 2005 to $6801 today. With an almost unchanged motorcycle and scooter population of about 140,000 since 2005, it means motorcycle COE revenue had increased from about $31 million to $952 million.

Price of motorcycle COE above $10,000 akan datang?

Or as recent as Budget 2015, petrol duty was increased to offset revenue losses after the collapse of oil prices.

Chart source

What will PAP think of next? Introduce a COE system for PMD? Will wheelchairs and bicycles require COEs in future?

Easy ways to generate economic have not really been maxed out. With rubber stamping a favourite pastime in Parliament, PAP has at least two more years to commit daylight robbery before dishing out pre-election goodies.

SMOS for Finance Indranee Rajah is not the harebrained goondu that many have assumed. Kudos to her for acting out her punching-bag part well.

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