Another wayang apology by PAP for the Syonan Gallery blunder

On 17 Feb, Minister Yaacob caved in to public pressure and apologised for the ‘pain the name caused’ by “Syonan Gallery”. link This was yet another blunder by NLB.

A simple and sincere apology would have sufficed but since PAP elites could really do not wrong, another minister and even the PM had to be roped in to provide moral support for Yaacob.

In the same CNA article, MOT Minister Khaw said “he fully supports Dr Yaacob’s decision to drop the words ‘Syonan Gallery’ from the exhibition’s name”. Khaw then went on to tell readers a grandfather story (real story about his maternal grandfather) and explained why the name provoked a strong reaction from Singaporeans.

Strangely, Hara Kiri Khaw did not hit out at NLB’s stupidity earlier and did so only after Yaacob had admitted to NLB’s error – by praising Yaacob!

At the end of the article, Hara Kiri gave his stamp of approval: “I fully support Minister Yaacob’s decision to drop it from the name”. And this is considered ‘news’ in Singapore.

Why should the Minister for Comms and Info need the Minister for Transport to support his backtracking decision? Hara Kiri got no issues to fix in his ministry? Trains not breaking down anymore and “commuter satisfaction in public transport at 9-year high”?

Yaacob also attempted to explain away the mistake and used a false analogy when he said that the word ‘Syonan’ had been used before in 1992.

A blunder caused by a PAP elite required 624 words to say a simple sorry?

NLB CEO is Elaine Ng (coincidentally the spouse of Defence Perm Sec Ng Chee Khern).

Image source

One day after Yaacob’s ‘apology’, CNA published another ‘newsworthy’ article, “Syonan Gallery renamed to bear witness to painful memories: PM Lee”. link

If it wasn’t initially named to bear witness to painful memories, then bear witness to what?  Celebrate being attacked?
Why does a blunder by NLB require 2 ministers and the PM to explain to the public?

Would US President Trump or UK PM May issue media statements to explain mistakes made by counterparts of NLB CEO? Or leaders of any country?

The PM of a country is a leader who has very important issues to tend to. Is PM Lee paid $2.2 million by taxpayers to help explain away blunders of statutory boards?

CEO Elaine should be held accountable and not hide behind the back of politicians. Stat board CEOs who earn an estimated 500,000 tax dollars should learn to stand on their own 2 feet: don’t be spineless and the label jiak liow bee will not stick.

Hmm … so where is the jiak liao bee CEO Elaine Ng?

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2 Responses to Another wayang apology by PAP for the Syonan Gallery blunder

  1. Tan hwa says:

    “When Singapore was Syonan-to and Syonan Gallery wording expression meaning is different.

  2. sinkie says:

    The scary thing is that these PAPies are producing & bringing up children with the same attitudes, mindsets, entitlement-mentality and eugenics-principles. I’ve interacted with some of these kids, and they’re not people that I would bother saving.

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