Yaacob Ibrahim tries to convince tertiary students that Singapore needs a racist PE

The Elected Presidency is a farce as everyone knows; even Malays feel insulted by the tokenism.

After running out of propaganda victims, PAP decided to try its luck with Minister Yaacob recently targeting Malay tertiary students. link

Will Malay tertiary students fall victim to propaganda?

Yaacob of course did not address the issue of non-consultation with the Malay community before the constitutional amendment. It was PAP’s idea to amend the EP in order to appoint their own ‘kaki’.

What happens to “..regardless of race, language and religion, to build a democratic society..”? What’s the point of students reciting the pledge in school? Suddenly no pakai isit, Yaacob?

The minister also opined that he preferred an open election and for a Malay to become president on his/her own merit. But because he also doubted the ability of Malays to win on their own merit, he felt that an open election was risky. To ensure a PAP-approved candidate is elected, PAP simply went to Parliament to amend the constitution and choped the presidency for a Malay Singaporean.

If our tertiary students do not understand the meaning of democracy and blindly accept Yaacob’s arguments, then all their education would have gone to waste.

Yaacob then said that tribal tendencies “are still very strong” and “run deep”, which is of course another half truth. If minority races die-die could not be elected on their own merit, JBJ would not have won the Anson by-election 36 years ago.

In the Bukit Batok 2016 by-election , Dr Chee would not have lost to Murali Pillai.

Singaporeans should bear in mind that the current PAP-approved KFC president did not have the support of two thirds of Singaporeans. Won’t a Malay president fare worse?

Whether a candidate is from the minority or majority race should not matter in a democratic country: elections should be based on merit alone.

PAP’s intention to have a racist PE should be obvious – even to students – by now.

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