NParks should not be overly concerned about its image, focus on doing a proper job

Dear NParks CEO Er

I refer to CNA article, “Trees surrounding fallen Tembusu in Botanic Gardens are safe: NParks”, dated 12 Feb.

Understandably, NParks has tried to reassure the public on safety at the Botanic Gardens after a fallen Tembusu tree had killed one person and injured 4.

However, the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation Dr Leong has, again, tried to do some damage control by dishing out even more information on NParks processes.

A day earlier on 11 Feb, Mr Er had already ‘educated’ the public on detailed processes on maintaining the Tembusu tree in good health:

– “.. it was inspected twice a year, which is of a higher frequency than other trees in the Gardens”
– “… tree was protected by a lightning conductor..”
– “.. fenced off to prevent compaction of its root zone by visitors ..”
– “Leaf litter is routinely applied to the root zone to encourage healthy root growth”

But all the above did not prevent the Heritage tree from falling.

NParks should therefore be held accountable because someone obviously erred. Or should we blame the ‘unpredictable’ weather which had been predicted to worsen years ago?

For no rhyme or reason, Dr Leong had also “urged the public not to speculate on why the Tembusu fell”. Perhaps Leong has mistakenly assumed this to be a national security issue or is he a joke?

Why should NParks even fear public comments when according to … NParks, inspection procedures were followed to a T?

If Leong could urge the public to shut up, then the government should also be urging the public to shut up on every issue. This is of course preposterous.

NParks should just focus on doing a proper job and the image part will take care of itself. You don’t even need to bother about online comments which are just noise to the PAP.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Phillip Ang

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2 Responses to NParks should not be overly concerned about its image, focus on doing a proper job

  1. Chao Zhouzi says:

    This is not the only Tembusu tree to topple. Witnessed one myself few years back but not reported as no fatality. Fell across Tyersall Road on a Sunday morning. According to Npark official, tree was 75~80 years old

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Water logging, extremely strong winds, more surfaces paved, etc not really ideal conditions for garden in a city. Plus most stat boards cut corners with no proper maintenance, insufficient manpower and awaiting public feedback to get job done. Worse to come. And another tree just fell at Yuan Ching road.

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