HDB flat ‘owners’ should make appointment for eye examination

PAP has achieved success in its propaganda campaign beyond its wildest dreams. Black could be white and vice versa, depending on its whim.

Simple words like “Agreement for Lease” are printed on HDB legal documents as well as stated clearly on its website. However, most buyers still could not see these words and continue to assume they are owners. Can anyone own a property while leasing it?

In this HDB document detailing the sale of balance flats, from application to “Signing of Agreement for Lease”, there is no evidence of ownership transfer from the state to buyers.

Why do HDB buyers continue to imagine they are owners?

The use of “flat owners” in other parts of the document contradicts the fact that buyers have signed the “Agreement for Lease”, ie buyers are merely lessees.

On HDB website, it always refers to the sale of flats as an “Agreement for Lease”.

According to various sources, the definition of “lease” is:
– “a contract renting land, buildings, etc., to another”. Dictionary.com (signing the agreement with HDB means we have agreed to rent the flat for 99 years)
– “a contract by which one conveys real estate, equipment, or facilities for a specified term and for a specified rent”. Merriam-Webster
– “a contract outlining the terms under which one party agrees to rent property owned by another party”. Investopedia

Buyers of new HDB flats have effectively agreed to pay HDB 99 years of rent upfront, using our CPF retirement savings and bank loan, while HDB remains as owner and has full control over the property.

Where HDB flats are concerned, it is simply a case of pseudo ownership. This is because HDB can’t transfer its ownership of public land and property to HDB buyers. Flat buyers effectively own NOTHING except a transferable lease.

HDB has used the legally-correct term, “Agreement for Lease”. The selling price refers to the lease which excludes the flat, land and common property.

Only private property can be owned, not public land and buildings belonging to a statutory board such as HDB. And ignorant people too – they can also kena owned by PAP.

Elected opposition MPs should raise this issue because the government should not include land cost – public land which we can never own – in pricing HDB flats. Nor should we contribute to the maintenance of common public property which, again, we don’t own.

With regard to HDB flat buyers who are still unable to see the words “Agreement for Lease”, I would strongly suggest an appointment at the SNEC.

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4 Responses to HDB flat ‘owners’ should make appointment for eye examination

  1. sinkie says:

    Hi Phillip, just wondering if you have your HDB Agreement For Lease, or a copy of it. I have my copy & in the entire document there is NO MENTION of “owner” — everywhere is LESSEE (you) and LESSOR (HDB).

    You can see that for legal documents like the actual Lease Agreement, HDB is careful not to use the word “owner”. However for non-legal documents/situations like the instructions for flat applicants in the above web link or in the rest of HDB website or in the news or even in the spoken words of ministers/HDB CEO, they liberally throw around “owner” like toilet paper.

    You can be sure that in court cases regarding HDB flats, you will never hear the word “owner”. Everyone in the courtroom from the judge to the lawyer to the witness to the HDB representative will only use the word “LESSEE”.

    This is another good example of the lies & half-truths used by PAP to con Sinkies, and Sinkies just love to swallow the bait, line & sinker. After sinking in half a million or even a million dollars into a flat, they cannot accept that they’ve been conned big time by PAP.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Yes, I have a copy. Appeared in one of my posts. The game PAP has been playing has gone too far to the point of no return.
      Even HDB’s legal counsel tried to convince me that “lessees” are “owners” but only in the Singapore Land Registration System. Thought this was a joke. Her reply @ https://letterstostandtoday.wordpress.com/2014/11/23/reply-from-hdb-legal-counsel-13-june-why-are-hdb-lessees-called-owners/
      Then she said purchasers have ownership rights but “subject to the terms of the lease”. Joke again right?
      It’s the same with our CPF which belongs to members but PAP somehow has the right to withhold and delay withdrawal at its whim. And many CPF members will parrot our MSM and blindly accept another half truth.

  2. Jude Law says:

    That’s why it is a complete hogwash when people keep harping on Singapore’s high home ownership rate when they boast about Singapore’s so called “success”.

  3. Phillip Ang says:

    We have been taken for a very long ride but most still refuse to wake up.
    HDB buyers are not only paying to help PAP maintain public property but have allowed ourselves to be controlled in the process. My town council outsourced estate maintenance to EM Services which is PAP affiliated and we are also paying for things like festive banners with faces of MPs printed on them, billboards, posters, etc to aid PAP in its propaganda. Not too smart I guess.
    Elected WP MPs are not going to highlight this issue because they have also benefitted from this convenient arrangement. HDB lessees are the only losers.

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