Don’t be racist, don’t vote for a Malay president in PE 2017

In a Parliament controlled by PAP, every legislation could be tweaked to achieve a desired outcome.

Singapore’s Presidential Election 2017 in September will soon become another world-class joke because the PAP has narrowed down Singaporeans’ choice of a president to a Singaporean Malay. PAP is therefore playing the racial card.

If our system is based on meritocracy, then there’s really no place for racial politics. Singaporeans, including many Malays who are offended, must send a clear message to the PAP by not voting in PE 2017. Or:

Voting along racial lines sets a dangerous precedent for PAP to select a future president based on race to its “convenience”.

Why should 74.3% of Singaporean Chinese or 9.1% Singaporean Indians be forced to elect a president from 13.3% Singaporean Malays?

PAP’s hidden agenda, I suspect, to select one of its own members as president is to prevent the disclosure of material information related to our foreign investments using CPF monies. A president with no party affiliation could wreak havoc, even with innocent questions about our undisclosed foreign investments.

Last year, CNA published a list of 7 potential contenders comprising:

1 Bank of Singapore CEO Bahren Shaari
2 PSC member Po’ad Mattar

3 PAP Minister Yaacob Ibrahim
4 PAP Minister Masagos Zulkifli
5 Former PAP MP and loser in Aljuneid GRC Zainul Abidin Rasheed
6 Former PAP minister and MP Abdullah Tarmugi
7 PAP MP and Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yaacob

What is the possible outcome? Will Singaporeans be voting for the 2 unknown candidates? Or will the next president be another PAP lackey?

Isn’t one racist to participate in PE 2017 where all Malay presidential candidates have been selected by PAP to achieve its desired outcome?

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13 Responses to Don’t be racist, don’t vote for a Malay president in PE 2017

  1. Jude Law says:

    Dont be stupid to spoil our precious vote if got a choice. Let’s vote against a PAP endorsed candidate instead. We need someone to reveal what’s left in our reserves and CPF. Spoiling our votes would play into PAP hands since there will still be 30% guaranteed PAP hardcore vote bank.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      But aren’t all of them PAP-endorsed? In my opinion, anyway we vote, nothing will be revealed about our reserves. 😦

      • Jude Law says:

        Maybe, but it is still better than giving PAP what they want on the platter with their preferred choice.

  2. sinkie says:

    Most likely a walkover by Halimah. PAP will discuss among themselves and will not put up more than 1 candidate to prevent disunity & split votes. Except for Halimah, the rest of the malay PAP candidates have more negatives than positives — the number 1 problem being the lack of emotional connection with & support from the other races. In fact people like Zainul & Tarmugi may not have much emotional goodwill even among ordinary malays as these 2 are basically elites that have been doing their own thing in the last few years and not much connection to ordinary Sinkies at large.

    As for the 2 “unknowns” they have been courted extensively by PAP over the years as they are pretty well-known in the banking & finance sector, and quite rare in S’pore for high-flying malays in that sector.

  3. Confused says:

    Ang Cher Ling of TOC is betting on Bank of Singapore CEO Bahren Shaari.

    • sinkie says:

      Doubtful he’ll bite. His salary+bonus at OCBC is many many times more than being Prez even if PAP is to increase it back to Nathan-standard.

      So far not a single indication from both “unknowns” about their interest. In fact dunno why their names are mentioned, other than the media being asked by MICA/the authorities to publicise. Maybe to coax or goad these 2 into action when private behind-the-scene coffee sessions had no effect???

      • Confused says:

        Never say never.

        I supposed Tony Tan could have also made more than what he is making now if he stay put in OCBC?

        Why did he give up more for less?????

  4. Confused says:

    “Why should 74.3% of Singaporean Chinese or 9.1% Singaporean Indians be forced to elect a president from 13.3% Singaporean Malays?” Quite agreed with you on this.

    If we go by how GRC was introduced and take root was to take care of the minority Malay’s interest and one would also perceive the argument that GRC to be a sampling of the whole Singapore population when 1 Malay MP among the other 3 to 4 MP who are majority Chinese in managing the constituency and in turn the Parliament to take charge of the well-being of all Singaporeans.

    Therefore the fact that Constitution has to be amended to allow the next President die die must be of Malay, isn’t it absurd and beyond logical thinking? Isn’t it go to suggest that the potential Malay Presidential will not stand any chance against a majority Chinese candidate if Singapore is all about meritocracy?

  5. sinkie says:

    Confused says:
    February 8, 2017 at 8:44 pm
    Never say never.
    I supposed Tony Tan could have also made more than what he is making now if he stay put in OCBC?
    Why did he give up more for less?????

    Obviously you never do homework & like to shoot from the hip. You’re PAP IB??

    TT didn’t work for that long in OCBC. He started in 1969 as a junior banker and left in 1979 as GM. From 1979 until 1991 he was a full-time PAP politician. In 1991 TT resigned as Minister of Education and re-joined OCBC as CEO, but he led OCBC for only 4 years, leaving in 1995 to return to politics as Deputy PM. By the time TT contested for president in 2011, he was already out from OCBC & banking for 16 years and spending that 16 years totally in PAP politics.

    Yes, TT was Deputy Chairman of GIC from 2006 till 2011. But it was during TT’s & LKY’s tenor that GIC went thru the GFC of 2008/2009 where GIC lost tens of billions of Singapore’s national reserves in bad investments. By 2011 & in the aftermath of people’s questioning of losses at GIC and Temasek, plus the blowback to PAP at GE2011 and the withdrawal from the frontlines of LKY his mentor & protector, it was clear that TT’s political career had come to a dead-end. Offering him the chance to be president was a consolation retirement.

    OTOH Bahren Shaari has only been in the CEO’s seat since 1 Feb 2015. He’s only just made his mark in a prominent private bank, and he’ll likely want to make a bigger mark before moving on.

    • Confused says:

      Apology for my ignorance.

      Thank you for sharing.

      • sinkie says:

        Never mind… Who knows? Maybe Bahren will surprise everyone and jump in to contest. Although very unlikely if PAP were to already pre-select their chosen one. Bahren not the type to go against the mainstream.

        Anyway if Bahren is interested in politics, he would rather go for ministerial position with active duties and exercising of operational powers — more mileage & intellectually rewarding than being a figurehead president.

  6. Salatoni50 says:


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