AVA resorting to more half truths after mistake in culling 24 endangered red junglefowls

AVA has mistakenly culled 24 endangered red junglefowls but labels them as “free-roaming chickens”. link

After receiving flak for its erroneous reaction to 20 complaints, AVA has still refused to acknowledge its mistake. It has the support of the mainstream media such as Today, a Mediacorpse freeshit, which titled the incident “Culling of 24 chickens in Sin Ming ruffles feathers”. Singaporeans should expect AVA to next claim that it has been misunderstood, or that it has never said they were not red junglefowls.

Besides CNA-produced “Wild City” which featured the red junglefowls at Sin Ming Avenue, ST had also published an article in 2010, “If you see this chicken, please don’t cook it”, featuring the same species culled by AVA. In February 2008, this blogger managed to photograph and film more of the same species in Singapore’s Sime Forest .

According to another blog, red junglefowls were actually spotted on mainland Singapore since 1993.

Like all PAP organisations which could do no wrong, AVA has assumed it could get away with such a blunder. But this is to be expected from PAP organisations where ministers and civil servants are able to redefine flooding into “ponding”, use ‘meaningless statistics’ and meaningless words’ to anyhow claim MRT’s performance had improved, etc..

It’s actually easy to understand the mindset of PAP-appointed ‘leaders’ because promotions are based solely on academic performance as well as their sucking up ability, not on merit. Organisations with such leaders spell trouble.

A quick look at AVA organisation chart confirms this:

1 Chairman Lim Neo Chian is a former paper general.

2 CEO Ms Tan Poh Hong’s prior experience was her 28 years in the HDB. After becoming Ass HDB CEO, her career hentak kaki because the CEO position had been reserved for a Colombo Plan scholar. Nevertheless, she managed to land the job of CEO, not at HDB but AVA. Unlike Ms Tan, the 2 previous AVA CEOs, Dr Ngiam and Dr Chua, had been with the organisation for decades.

3 Member Peter Chia is COO of Temasek Life Sciences laboratory Limited.

4 Member Yeo Guat Kwang is Ass Sec-Gen of NTUC.

5 Member paper general (RADM) Dr Tang is Chief of Medical Corp, SAF

The above typical PAP organisation – more like an echo chamber – consists of mostly PAP appointees holding key positions.

CEO Tan has 28 years of unrelated HDB experience and does not truly understand the organisation as much as, say, an employee who has been with AVA for years/decades.

AVA should not assume Singaporeans are stupid by reframing the noise-related complaint into one of public health concern.

By refusing to immediately own up to its mistake, AVA has now painted itself into a corner. Of course no one will be held accountable under the PAP and, more likely, we will be treated to another wayang with more half truths.

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11 Responses to AVA resorting to more half truths after mistake in culling 24 endangered red junglefowls

  1. Confused says:

    Totally agreed that if one made a mistake, just admit it and make necessary remedy and move on.

    Um, if they have to admit mistakes too many times and far too often, how to justify the fact that they have been taking home humongous tax $ pay?

    Maybe you can suggest a win 2 way that no one will still question their ability?

    • xyz says:

      You’re proposing to continue paying them millions of dollars of our money even though they keep on making mistakes. What you’re proposing is continued reward for incompetence. If that reward comes solely from your own pocket, then it’s OK — you’re free to do with your own money however you like. But the reward comes 100% from taxpayer monies. The fact that they keep on making mistakes and/or unable to solve longstanding problems means they should be replaced. Simple as that. If they’re that solid/competent, they should have no problems choosing from multiple multi-million dollar job offers in the private sector. But as you can see from those ministers/semi-ministers that lost their jobs in GE2011 (George Yeo, Lim Hwee Hua, Zainul Abidin) — up till now they have never been able to replace their former salaries in the private sector — most have to beg & go back-door to take up PAP-related job positions to continue paying their Bt Timah mortgages. All PAPies know this — that’s why they are very vicious in keeping their jobs & very vindictive against anybody that says they are incompetent.

  2. Confused says:

    Maybe you are new to this blog site, If you have been following Philip for a while, you would know my position very well.

    I was just trying to be sarcastic.

    My apology.

  3. Norman Wee says:

    Ask AVA for proof of residents’ complaints. Who these complainants were so that we all can check.
    As it is between the fowls and other birds, the fowls are the least in number.

  4. Kyle says:

    endangered – anger = ended.

    20 angry calls from possibly the same few households and those in power issue a culling order just to get these callers off their back. Jeez.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      I have observed our civil servants mostly take the easy way out. Have witnessed the culling of pigeons in my estate- very inhumane. Tens of pigeons literally drop dead – from above.
      Their population has increased due to constant feeding by few households. Right thing to do – but more difficult – is, through education, to get a handful of households to stop feeding them. But obviously the town council needs some incentives to do their job. So do bootlicking RC members.

  5. Phillip Ang says:

    Transparency is one of the biggest issue. Or they may provide another non reply and raise blood pressure even higher. 😦

  6. george says:

    Yes, you can’t make any headway in ANY PAP linked organization until and unless you suck up to them big time. As long as you do that, even when you are plainly in the wrong, no worries. Your job would still be secure. At the most, they would transfer you elsewhere like that woman who was once in charge of the zoo and made a boo boo of some polytechnic students’ project.

    The inbreeding in the PAP matches that of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

  7. Mohan Lal says:

    Say its because of the risk of avian flu, and they have the last word. You can’t argue with that.
    If it really was avian flu concerns that prompted to get kill of the endangered jungle fowls, they would have said it in the first place.
    I wonder if Richard Attenborough knows the birds have been killed by the Government.

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