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PM Lee still insisting on growing foreigner population to increase GDP, disconnect from reality worrying

I refer to CNA’s “Singapore economy on steady, stable path, says PM Lee”. Throughout the article, PM Lee only makes general statements, offers nothing insightful and obviously lacks any plan. This is because PM Lee really has no idea other … Continue reading

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Surbana Jurong should not try to explain away disguised retrenchment

Surbana Jurong, a government-owned company, has drawn flak for terminating dozens of employees to avoid paying retrenchment benefits. In order to rip off tens of thousands of dollars per terminated employee, CEO Wong Hean Fine has now resorted to explaining … Continue reading

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Why is HDB concealing information which should be in the public domain?

From: pipakh Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2017 9:55 AM To: PM LEE Cc: PM LEE PA 1 ; <a title="plgmail ; HDB CEO ; <a title="CHAIRMAN ; HDB Li Suping LI (HDB) ; <a title="QSM ; MND QSM 1 ; … Continue reading

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Useless pseudo workers’ unions helping government to shortchange employees for decades

Singaporean employees should wake up to the fact that they are alone in their times of need, no thanks to our pseudo workers’ unions. These pseudo workers’ unions such as NTUC, SATU, BATU. etc were set up by the pro-business … Continue reading

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Lost 9 Terrexes but still in a lose-lose situation

Singapore has gotten into trouble with China because it is run by a bunch of clowns who just don’t know when to shut up. And when they did so temporarily, dishonourable son’s sister discovered she could also talk. A number … Continue reading

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Self-serving PAP elites helping themselves to tax dollars but Singaporeans still delusional

It should have been clear to Singaporeans that PAP MPs have no intention to serve.  They only act as rubber stampers in Parliament and assist PAP to prevent transparency from seeing daylight. While serving as MPs, they are able to … Continue reading

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HDB Board is legal owner of all HDB flats, has right to ban cats

I refer to “Spotlight on cat ban after HDB notice”. Cat lovers should take note that HDB Board, as the only legal owner of all HDB flats, has the right to ban any animal it wants. How the cat ban … Continue reading

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Once the truth emerges, LKY’s books will be consigned to rubbish bins

A collaborative project between Singapore embassy officials in Laos and their government officials has produced a translated copy of LKY’s “From Third World to First”. (CNA’s “Translated copy of Lee Kuan Yew’s From Third World to First launches in Laos”) Although LKY has been dead … Continue reading

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Spalling concrete and ceiling leakage: Should HDB lessees subsidise HDB Board?

  I refer to “Concrete solution to a concrete problem”. The ST article mentioned that last week’s case of falling concrete in a Yishun HDB flat “was not an isolated one”.  This is because, over the past 3 years, there were … Continue reading

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DPM Tharman should lecture PAP on honest politics, stop hitting others below the belt

The PAP government has offered its unsolicited advice to foreign politicians on how to win at elections. At a conference organised by PAP’s LKY School of Public Policy, DPM Tharman pinned the blame on politics being not honest and highlighted flaws of … Continue reading

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