Did Singaporeans rally together, support Mindef breaking Hong Kong laws?

Mindef and the PAP government are an embarrassment to Singaporeans for having broken Hong Kong laws and allowing our military equipment to be detained by China for more than 2 months.

The PAP has been deflecting Mindef’s blunder by spinning half truths in the mainstream media. Now that our Terrex ICVs have been returned on 30 January, Defence Minister Ng is not letting up on propaganda and has claimed in a Facebook post: “I am proud of how Singaporeans rallied together during this episode. Thank you for your support and encouragement.” CNA

But where were Singaporeans rallying? At the Padang? Hong Lim Park? Cannot see any rally leh.

As if still living in the pre-internet age, Ng has chosen to ignore all the negative comments on social media:

Who supported Mindef’s screw up? Are Singaporeans so stupid to anyhow assume it’s OK to break Hong Kong laws?

Our Terrex ICVs could have been returned earlier if not for ministers like Vivian and Ng following in PM Lee’s footsteps and lecturing China to “Just Follow Law”.

This episode is a total embarrassment, the return of our 9 Terrex ICVs nothing to be proud of. It’s not as if they were returning from war or in an exchange of prisoners of sorts: they were detained during peacetime. If they had been captured for 2 months during a conflict, many lives would have been lost.

Our paper generals have blundered and a display of blind loyalty doesn’t help. In fact, Singaporeans may be encouraging them to blunder in more ways.

If China (not Hong Kong) had confiscated our military equipment due to no fault of ours, it would have been a different matter.

The PAP government should not engage in propaganda by reframing the issue to cover up Mindef’s blunder. Hong Kong laws were broken and it’s really silly for Ng to claim that Singaporeans rallied together to support Mindef’s blunder.

Although Ng Eng Hen had informed Parliament that the detention of our 9 Terrex ICVs was “not in compliance with international laws”, not a single country has shown any support.

Ng also told Parliament that the reason for not shipping military equipment directly was “it would cost three to four times more, and add several hundred million dollars to Mindef’s annual budget..”. But is Singapore allowed to break another country’s law in order for us to save a few hundred million dollars? Was Ng aware that Mindef has been taking such a risk for decades?

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2 Responses to Did Singaporeans rally together, support Mindef breaking Hong Kong laws?

  1. zzzzzz says:

    Frankly I would have preferred the Terrexes to be melted down or destroyed on their firing range. Then the PAPies would learn a more valuable lesson.

    As it is, this only gives PAP more chance to boast about itself and ownself-praise-ownself with more nauseating propaganda. I can only hope that some Hongkonger or PRC can spill the beans on how much millions of S’pore taxpayer money or concessions that PAP had to give to China for them to release the Terrexes.

    This episode also illustrates & proofs that Sinkies are not united and not willing to take on hardship for others, particularly if the subject matter has nothing to do with their own lives/family. In other countries, especially our neighbouring countries, you will see 20,000-100,000 protestors in the streets.

    This is also seen at a lower level. Whenever 1 or small group of Sinkies get in trouble with some foreigners (especially overseas) other nearby Sinkies will act blur & siam. But if it is foreigner get in trouble with other people, you will see swarms of his fellow countryman will immediately join in to support that foreigner.

    In a real killing war, I seriously doubt if Sinkies will go all out to fight. Most will seek the 1st opportunity to surrender.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      At the push of a button, it will be all over for Singapore, that is if an enemy has any intention of destroying us.
      The scenario where all NSmen, NSFs and equipment are activated doesn’t exist. We have been overspending on defence to buy powerful ‘friends’ as well as to create as many paper general positions.
      PAP’s mindset is still stuck in the last century, trying to fight another WW2. This should be debated in Parliament because we are spending close to $14 billion, and increasing, on defence.
      Billions of tax dollars which could have been used to invest in the well being of citizens have gone down the drain.
      In a real war, our paper generals will give the chiong command but they themselves will run and hide. We have already seen this cowardly behaviour during the Little India riot where armed police officers ran away from unarmed rioters.

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