Why Minister Ong Ye Kung prefers a totalitarian government to democracy, fears transparency

Our jiak liao bee ministers have nothing better to do than to organise seminars and praise themselves. Instead of tending to pressing economic issues, we have people like Minister Ong Ye Kung praising the PAP to high heavens and telling Singaporeans that it is risky to have alternative voices in Parliament. (“Multi-party system has real long-term risks for Singapore: Ong Ye Kung”. link)

Is Ong a goondu or what?

Does a multi-party system have long-term risks for Singapore? I think what Ong really fears is a multi-party system will open up a can of PAP worms and he is more worried for his party’s survival than for our country. The PAP has been concealing material information for more than 5 decades.

Of course Ong wasn’t speaking at some prestigious conference but at a seminar organised by PAP’s Institute of Policy Studies.

PAP’s survival has hinged on arbitrarily tweaking/introducing new legislations to its advantage, abuse of the civil service, control of MSM for propaganda purposes, buying over voters using public resources, intimidating citizens, etc. Democracy doesn’t allow PAP to engage in all these.

Robust debates in Parliament are a necessity which a single party system does not permit. What Ong really wants is for PAP to continue to exert full control over Singaporeans through PAP-controlled unions, association and clans, civil servants, grassroots, security forces and mainstream media. To Ong, robust debates are a waste of time.

Ong says that it can be “frustrating and disheartening” when one set of policies is undone after 5 years when a new party takes over the government. It is based on a flawed assumption that PAP could do no wrong.

But if PAP were allowed to rule forever, hospitals would probably by now have extended their wards to HDB void decks and it would likely take a decade to successfully apply for a public housing flat. Without open and fair elections, LKY’s Graduate Mothers Scheme would have been implemented 3 decades ago and his “Stop-at-Two” policy continued to this day.

Ong seems delusional when he says “We must be a party that is open-minded”: how could a bigot like PAP be open to new ideas? How is the PAP echo chamber able to transform itself when it keeps parachuting former paper generals and scholars – same mouldy characters cast in the same mould – into top management positions in the civil service and GLCs?

The seminar was not really about the risks of a multi-party system for Singapore but a platform for PAP to own self praise own self. Disgusting.

Ong is actually echoing LKY’s thoughts on having a totalitarian government from more than 5 decades ago.

(1960) LKY: “If I were in authority in Singapore indefinitely without having to ask those who are governed whether they like what is being done, then I have not the slightest doubt that I could govern much more effectively in their interests.” Power-hungry LKY had already hinted he was not interested in democracy.

LKY’s totalitarian government seemed to have worked for decades without the presence of the internet. But why does Ong still think that PAP aristocrats can remain non transparent and unaccountable until 2065 when LKY’s days are long gone? With tons of screw ups, will PAP still be dominant by 2035 or even 2025?

Ong and the PAP fear democracy because power in the hands of the people doesn’t serve these jokers’ interests. Transparency is non negotiable and checks and balances would lead to the collapse of PAP when skeletons in PAP’s cupboard start falling out.

A totalitarian government has allowed 5 decades-old cabinet records to remain state secret as well as the non disclosure of mind-boggling billion$ in hundreds of investment losses. It has also allowed PAP elites to not disclose the obscene billions in tax dollars earned by their spouses, relatives and friends, many times more than the combined salaries of cabinet ministers.

Many spouses and relatives of PAP elites are earning obscene amounts of tax dollars in the civil service and GLCs. Singaporeans have the right to know the amount of tax dollars going into their pockets without begging the PAP to disclose such information.

Source: jesscscott (please visit this blog for more details and other interesting unknown facts)

In which democratic country, are there so many relatives of top politicians, especially LKY’s, holding top positions in government and GLCs?

It is against our interests to allow ministers like Ong to spin a narrative which assaults our common sense. I believe Ong is doing so because he fears PAP will be crippled by a democratic government.

If Ong’s PAP is indeed whiter than white, why should he fear transparency?

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