Useless pseudo workers’ unions helping government to shortchange employees for decades

Singaporean employees should wake up to the fact that they are alone in their times of need, no thanks to our pseudo workers’ unions.

These pseudo workers’ unions such as NTUC, SATU, BATU. etc were set up by the pro-business PAP government whose focus is on running a business empire funded by taxpayers. Workers’ welfare has always been sacrificed to enrich management and increase profits.

It therefore should not surprise anyone that GLC Surbana Jurong has recently dismissed dozens of workers, citing “poor performance” instead of retrenching them. This is to avoid paying millions in benefits. link

Up to 65 employees – all based in Singapore – are affected. Instead of being upfront, Surbana tried to downplay this by highlighting the number of terminations as a percentage of its “global 13,000-strong workforce”.

Singaporeans are of course not interested in Surbana’s operations elsewhere so why the 13,000 global workforce figure instead of 3000 locally? Same PAP habit of stating half truths?

Surbana has made a rather stupid statement when it said that “a small number of poor performers were communicated with and released”. Is ‘up to 65’ really a “small number”? And coincidentally all were assessed to be poor performers at the same time?

There is more to this than meets the eye.

Leong Sze Hian has already pointed out that the correct percentage is much higher – about 2.16%. If 2.16% or 3098 public servants of the 143,000-strong public service are terminated, will the PAP government state this as a ‘small number’?

To top that, most of the 18 workers represented by 2 pseudo unions are over the age of 62. This means they had been Surbana’s employees for decades. The reason for Surbana to prefer termination to retrenchment is clear for all with eyes to see.

Thanks to social media, half truths and lies are easily exposed.

Those who have been unfairly dismissed have decided to fight back. They shared with TOC that Surbana had given them 2 choices, both of which saved millions for Surbana. The workers would have been terminated if they had not resigned.

The TOC article has confirmed that many workers had been with Surbana for more than 20 years, when it was still a stat board. And Surbana wants the public to believe all of them became underperformers overnight.

Despite the ‘assistance’ provided by MOM and NTUC ass sec-gen Zainal Sapari to Surbana’s former employees, this is all merely wayang, one which we have seen countless times.

Rank and file workers in GLCs and private companies had better vote wisely at the next GE as anyone could be the next victim of our pro business government.

If we did not have pseudo workers’ unions, Surbana would not have dared terminate its employees to save on retrenchment benefits. Our bloody useless workers’ unions have in fact not been helping workers for decades but assisting the government to shortchange them.

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4 Responses to Useless pseudo workers’ unions helping government to shortchange employees for decades

  1. AAA says:

    FYI, employees after 62 are usually on contract basis. ALL ministries & stat boards & GLCs & TLCs re-employ workers after 62 on contract, from 1-year contract to currently max 3-yr contract (till 65 yrs old which is the current max re-employment age till July 2017). Private companies will also follow civil service to re-employ on contract basis.

    Therefore, companies don’t really need to fire or retrench workers older than 62. They just don’t renew the contract & at the same time tekan the workers by giving them tough duties & unreasonable performance expectations. This is why most ministries & stat boards are now only offering 1-yr renewable contract to those over 62, instead of the 3-yr contract. I’m working in a stat board and I’m seeing all these changes taking place in front of my eyes over the last 5 years.

    Also — and this is very important — the fact that any worker wants to work after 62 means that he/she is desperate for money & money no enough to retire. ALL HRs *know* this and they will use this to screw & tekan the old workers. Most companies & HRs will try to pull a fast one on re-employing older workers — most common is pay cut by up to 50%, setting high performance goals, re-assignment to less prestigious / more demanding roles, being placed under a sia-lan supervisor, demotion to lower-status job, etc etc. These are things happening even in the stat board I’m working in — in private sector will be even worse.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Thanks for taking time to provide the info. I worked in the forces before and have also observed the jiak liao bee mindset of Singapore Exchange officials for 18 years.
      PAP is simply too focused on achieving its own set of KPIs in order to reward themselves at the expense of everyone else. Rank and file workers suffer.
      But all this need not be if sufficient numbers of them realise that their votes will collectively make a difference in how they want to be treated.

  2. Vern says:

    I must say that this country has become a profit focused only country. It is not a country but run like a corporation to benefit the aristocrats.

    I worked in MSF (Ministry of Social & Family development) and see with my own eyes how they purposely hire contract staff instead of giving permanent positions to people. This is to save them millions of money. Many of the staff are needed for years yet they hire them based on contract. A govt ministry or stat board should not use this kind of method to send wrong messages to private companies. Afterall, shouldnt govt agencies set a good example to the rest of the country?

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Thanks for sharing.
      When PAP talk about career path in the public service, they are referring to only top management. So those who make it to the top will do their bidding and perpetuate the cycle of suffering for rank and file employees.
      With double standards, the PAP only want to protect jobs at the top and it is able to because people gave our ‘leaders’ the mandate. It is through ripping off fellow citizens that PAP have been able to enrich themselves.
      Singaporeans joining the public service are mostly in for the long haul and should not be hired on contract basis. This is common sense.
      Yes, the PAP is all about profiting from citizens only. Labour laws are in place to protect strong corporations like GLCs, not weak low wage employees. PAP has full control and the only way to protect ourselves is to remove their control over us.

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