Terrexes unlikely to return for CNY reunion dinner, may become Chinese ‘bak kwa’?

It has been more than 2 months since our 9 Terrexes were detained in Hong Kong. At the rate PAP keeps trying to impose its “Just Follow Law” approach on China, the Chinese may take forever to return our military equipment.

With China walking all over PAP, its international image is now in tatters. PM Lee has been forced to “request the return of the troop carriers” from Hong kong leader C Y Leong.  But everyone knows it is a futile attempt because Leong is only a Chinese puppet.

As expected, Hong Kong authorities responded by making obvious statements,  such as “an investigation is ongoing”.  And as if PAP’s ego wasn’t bruised, we have been told that this “will take some time to complete”.

If this had happened when LKY was PM, it would have required only a phone call to the Chinese leader.  Can’t see any reason for PM Lee to be writing to a Chinese puppet.

Defence Minister Dr Ng has reiterated that under  international law, our military vehicles cannot be detained by other countries as they are protected by sovereign immunity”.  But what is the point of lecturing China – again – on the existence of international law when a superpower could simply ignore any ruling by an international tribunal, as others had done?  Isn’t Ng aware that in the real world, big fish will always eat small fish, similar to how PAP has also makan ordinary citizens?

In response to all that the unconstructive statements made by our government, we have now been told off by China to be cautious with our words and actions on the Terrex issue.

PAP has continued to assume that it is playing to a domestic audience and is only concerned about its tattered image at the expense of all else.

A mistake has been made so someone should just own up instead of trying to cover it up by making even more mistakes.  It would have been fine if this was a domestic issue where propaganda could magically transform black into white and vice versa but we are dealing with a corrupt communist country.

The PAP government should bear in mind that we have foolishly invested more than $100 billion of tax/CPF dollars in China.  There are dire consequences for making China lose even more face.

Singaporeans have been told not to speculate on the Terrex issue, which means PAP has no means of ensuring their return.

It appears our military equipment will not be able to make it back in one piece for CNY reunion dinner.  Will they become Chinese “bak kwa”?

Is this what our Terrexes will soon look like?


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