Education Minister Ng did not chiong but now urges students to chiong

PAP elites have always been hypocrites, preferring ordinary citizens to walk their talk while ministers only do the talking. 😦

The most recent instance of such hypocrisy – Education Minister Ng Chee Meng urging students ‘to dare to chiong’.

However, the former paper general is a product of a kiasu  plus kiasi education system and has earned millions in tax dollars since 1987.  Ng has been playing it very safe and has not worked a single day in his life in the private sector: he clearly does not know the meaning of ‘chiong’.


If Ng had retired from the military without direct assistance from PAP, he would have been able to command only a fraction of his  last-drawn salary in the private sector.  This is the reason why no general has ever ventured into the privat sector after retirement: all are afraid to chiong.

Singaporeans should bear in mind that the children of PAP elites are not going to heed Ng’s advice and will stick to the same chiong-less model which brought their parents obscene tax dollar wealth.

PAP elites are also more than willing to fork out up to $100/hour tuition lessons to ensure their children follow the same no-need-to-chiong path to material success.

When the top management of PAP’s education system are cut from the same cloth as Ng, it’s going to take a miracle to produce students who dare to chiong.

Minister Ng should lead by example and chiong into the private sector before GE 2020.  Otherwise, all talk is cheap.

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