Singaporeans should not continue to ignore Lee Kuan Yew’s half truths

LKY told a bunch of half truths in order to implement any policy he wanted. One example says it all.

With assistance from MSM, Lee Kuan Yew was able to mask the real cost of running Singapore Inc by merely telling half truths.

More than 2 decades ago, LKY had wanted to increase ministerial salaries – including his of course – and impressed upon Singaporeans that PAP elites deserved very high salaries.

LKY: “The government today – ministers, cabinet ministers, parliamentary secretaries, political secretaries, everybody – cost $17 million a year”. link LKY had argued that PAP was able to grow our then $90 billion GDP at 8% annually and therefore being paid $17 million was peanuts.

LKY should have known that “everybody” included directors and CEOs of stat boards, Temasek, GIC, corporatised government bodies and even the 5 jiak liao bee mayors. “Everybody” should have also included top management of GLCs because these positions are an extension of the civil service, being reserved for retired civil servants.

An increase in ministerial salaries would mean higher salaries trickling down PAP’s greedy food chain, ultimately costing hundreds of millions in tax dollars.

To use the figure of ”$17 million” was most disingenuous of LKY; his intent was clearly to mislead by telling a half truth.

Fact: High ‘GDP growth’ resulted mostly from increased property prices. Increased property prices –> Increased labour cost, price of all goods and services = Increased GDP.

If not for the PAP-engineered property bubble, our GDP would probably have been way below US$300 billion.

Since there was no corresponding productivity growth, our GDP growth is at best an illusion created by PAP. And we are now in deep shit.

If PAP had merely increased ministerial salaries without any salary increase down its food chain, there would have been a revolt. An estimate of the current Singapore Inc’s top management salary: $367 million. The figures below are very conservative estimates.

The number of perm secs and SMOS/MOS has been increasing like nobody’s business. For example, former asshole surgeon Koh Poh Koon and former PPS to LKY, Chee Hong Tat were made MOS overnight.

A few are holding more than 1 portfolio


Table below shows how much tax dollars PAP elites have helped themselves to.

In 2008, they had even paid themselves 19-month bonuses. In the same year, the PM’s salary amounted to 32 times his monthly salary.

Temasek and GIC are of course the biggest leeches, paying hundreds of millions in tax dollars to themselves each year. Both SWFs contribute billions in direct taxes and legislations had to bend backwards to ensure profitability for GLCs. LKY should not have conveniently ignored their significant contributions to our GDP growth.

Although PAP has refused to disclose Temasek CEO Ho Ching’s salary, her pay package should be in the tens of million$. It is very likely that this could have been more than $100 million in a good year, considering PAP could pay themselves bonuses amounting to 19 months. (If there is inherently nothing wrong with Ho Ching’s humongous salary, why should PAP fear its disclosure?)

Even the CEOs and directors of GLCs are all PAP appointees and their salaries should be considered part of the cost of running Singapore. This again runs into hundreds of million$ or more likely, above $1 billion.

If today’s real cost of running Singapore easily exceeds $1 billion annually, it couldn’t have cost only “$17 million” back in 1993. The number of people involved to increase the GDP by $6 billion/8% yearly required more than LKY’s ‘everybody’.

LKY had told too many half truths and it’s about time they come to light. Hopefully, someone is able to compile a list for Singaporeans to see LKY for who he really was: a master in telling half truths.

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5 Responses to Singaporeans should not continue to ignore Lee Kuan Yew’s half truths

  1. Low SK says:

    Well, it was easy for LKY to push through the sky-high Ministerial Salaries Bill in Parliament as there was no effective Opposition then. Moreover, he had already retired off those very wise and frugal ministers like Goh Keng Swee, Toh Chin Chye and few others. He could easily fool Singaporeans whom he had always regarded as ‘daft’ by saying that we needed to pay ministers high salaries “in order to attract good men to serve and to deter them from being corrupt”.

    Personally, I did not think LKY was after money for himself, he actually did this (instal high salaries) for one particular reason…. (no prize for guessing correct answer).

    • Phillip Ang says:

      He was the power hungry and scheming one from 6 decades ago. With power came wealth, perhaps not for himself but cronies. 😦

  2. DavidLKSee says:

    (1) LKY’s “pseudo” Hard Truths:
    Without the PAP Govt (and, of course, million-dollar ministerial pay), “Singapore will sink into nothingness” and “your women will become maids”.
    ( NOTE: The latter quoted LKY statement is a “gross insult” to all the women in our lives — our wife, mother, grandmother, aunties, sisters, daughters and nieces !!!)

    (2) The People’s “real” Hard Truths:
    PAP = PATHETIC And PATHETIC (spot-on version)
    PAP = PISSED And PISSED (angry version)
    PAP = PHUI And PHUI (disgusted version. Cantonese for spitting not just once but twice in TOTAL DISGUST)

    — Disgusting/Disgraceful/Deplorable PAP Political Traits:
    > ownself check ownself
    > ownself pay ownself multi-million dollar pay packages
    > ownself praise ownself (as in Papa Lee praising his son’s Cabinet Ministers as “exceptional and extraordinary talent”)
    > ownself bullshit ownself ( Singapore economy “not in crisis”; many retrenched Singaporeans is actually due to “choosy Singaporeans” and “job mismatch”; blah,blah,blah…..)

    (3) UNIQUELY SINGAPORE Political Definitions:
    — MeLEEtocracy = PAP’s perverted version of MERITOCRACY.
    ( i.e. parachuting of PAP-Bootlicker Paper Scholars & Paper Generals into high-pay cushy jobs, so as to “BUY VOTES, FIX OPPOSITION” )
    — LEEderSHIT = PAP’s perverted version of Political LEADERSHIP.
    (i.e. Obscenely Overpaid Thick-Skinned PUBLIC SERVANTS having the “cheek and gall” to collect MILLION-DOLLAR SALARIES “from the people” but unable to deliver “to the people” MILLION-DOLLAR SOLUTIONS to umpteen national problems eg high cost of living; sky-high prices of homes; over-crowded public transport with frequent breakdowns; pressure-cooker society; student stress and student suicides; etc,etc,etc… )

  3. marlade says:

    Alex Au, yawning bread, did a GDP growth comparison of Singapore vs other countries. Perhaps you can use the data to do a per capita comparison to let reader understand why our economic growth is largely due to population growth?

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