Good riddance to S-League jiak liao bee CEO Lim Chin

As expected, CNA’s “S League CEO Lim Chin steps down” contains half truths to mask FAS’ failure.

Lim Chin did not become S League CEO through individual merit but was appointed by PAP in 2012. Prior to helming S League, Lim Chin was an SAF colonel.

PAP typically parachutes senior retired military personnel into any organisation it controls at taxpayers’ expense. The FAS consists of many PAP members, eg former ministers Mah Bow Tan and Ho Peng Kee, PAP MP Nordin, etc.

And Lim did not come cheap; he is probably one of two persons earning a salary of between $400,001 and $500,000. This is of course much better than being an SAF colonel getting nowhere, aka hentak kaki.

Although FAS’ revenue amounted to more than $35 million last year, it spent a miserable $70,000 to help develop football at the grassroots level.

Zero relevant experience Lim had only one direction to take Singapore football – downhill. In June 2014, FIFA ranked FAS at 155th position. By Oct 2016, we dropped to 171st position.

Bottom on FIFA’s list at 205th position is Gibraltar. Perhaps Lim has been asked to resigned because PAP fears he may be aiming for Gibraltar’s record?

Lim also said he has “decided that it is the right time for me to pursue other interests and opportunities”. Sure or not? What opportunity does a person who has relied on tax dollars all his life and parachuted into organisations funded by taxpayers have?

For taking Singapore football downhill, Provisional Council President Lim Kia Tong has this to say: “..we are disappointed to lose a diligent servant of the game …. like to thank him for his contributions …”. Dismal performance = Contributions?

Following ex paper colonel Lim’s departure, ex paper lieutenant colonel Kok Wai leong, currently director of operations, will be taking over his former army buddy’s position.

Singaporeans should count ourselves lucky if FAS’ ranking doesn’t drop any further.

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