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20161211 Is PAP serious about the return of sensitive military equipment?

It has been 18 days since nine SAF Terrex ICVs were impounded in Hong Kong on 23 November. Are these dispensable to SAF training?  Appears to be so when there’s no certainty of their return. What happen to all the talk … Continue reading

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20161211 Must ComCare Fund channel $1.7 billion into GIC to disburse $70 million a year to needy Singaporeans?

PAP has been reluctant to help needy Singaporeans.  And when it does, the first step is to channel billions into GIC, eg delaying CPF withdrawal through CPF Life, increase in MediShield Life premiums, Pioneer Generation Package, etc and setting up … Continue reading

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20161210 Is ComCare helping needy Singaporeans by giving them $4.15 per day?

Without batting an eyelid, the kiam siap PAP could invest billions of our reserves in a single foreign investment.  But when it comes to helping the needy, the money somehow just isn’t there. The latest MSF report has announced its ComCare … Continue reading

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20161210 Will Singapore be doomed by Temasek and GIC?

The longer PAP is allowed to remain opaque on state finance, the worse it will be for our children’s future.  When the so called finance experts simply trust PAP’s words instead of asking probing questions, we may be slowly digging … Continue reading

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20161207 Lee Kuan Yew: The horrible man and his BAD idea (2)

School textbooks and mainstream media will never tell the truth about Lee Kuan Yew as this will expose all the flaws in PAP. LKY had wielded too much power and dissenters, be they MPs, civil servants, journalists or citizens, were too fearful to face … Continue reading

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20161205 Are PAP ministers monkeys or just inadequate ministers?

Before 1990, the PM’s salary had already increased by 170% (1973), 79% (1981) and 200% (1989).  But in our system with greed running amok, money was forever in short supply to the elites. We had ‘leaders’ like Lau Goh and … Continue reading

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20161205 Singtel screwed up big time = well done from PAP MP Zagy

Singtel has really screwed up big time with its once-in-50-years outage.  Hopefully, it won’t mimic SMRT’s performance. The disruption started on Saturday morning and 24 hours later, Singtel posted on its Facebook its broadband services had been fully restored. Singtel: “As of 8.25 … Continue reading

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20161205 MediShield Life premiums to help mask GIC’s investment losses?

Propaganda has convinced most Singaporeans that the MediShield Life (MSL) scheme is for our own good.  But who doesn’t know that higher coverage and higher premiums go hand in hand?  The problem with MSL is, the average increase in premiums is more than 100% but coverage is nowhere … Continue reading

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20161204 LTA conducting new trial to push public transport to breaking point

Our MRT system has become more unreliable and chronic issues will never be resolved.  This is because it was designed with a 4 million population in mind more than 30 years ago. A vehicle with a max load of 40 passengers, … Continue reading

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20161204 Massive line outage caused by rogue submarine cable*, Singtell says sorry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 4 December 2016 CEO, Singtell Dear valued subscribers On behalf of Singtell, I would like to extend my apology to all of you for the massive disruption in our fibre broadband services on 3 Dec. Most of our subscribers … Continue reading

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