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20161219 Minimal migrant workers’ rights in Singapore but shameless government takes credit for helping foreign workers

Not a day goes by without the PAP government engaging in propaganda to praise itself. This is clearly evident in Ass T’s “Migrant Workers’ Centre a heavyweight among NGOs helping foreign workers” yesterday. link Firstly, the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) … Continue reading

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20161219 WP unable to expose the Population White Paper sham? (5)

From: pipakh Sent: Monday, December 19, 2016 1:05 PM To: PRITAM Cc: ANSON ; <a title=”wongcheokwan ; CUE ; <a title=”gerald.giam ; HARRY ; <a title=”ken_dxb ; JAYA ; <a title=”john ; LAU ; <a title=”leon.perera ; MANSURA ; <a … Continue reading

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20161218 Increase in cleaners’ wages confirms PAP had depressed low wages, profits from Singaporeans’ misery

PAP has pulled out all the stops in an attempt to absolve itself of blame after it had depressed low wages for more than a decade. Instead of taking responsibility, PAP wants to take credit through a wayang staged by Tripantat … Continue reading

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20161217 After PAP shortchanged cleaners for more than a decade, Ass T says cleaners should celebrate for 6 years

I don’t subscribe to The Straits Times and it’s really stupid to pay for propaganda. Popularly called S T, it’s more like Ass T as readers will eventually start to think like one.  No offence to the animal concerned. Government … Continue reading

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20161216 Understanding PAP’s “easy ways” of driving economic growth and the mess we are in

Last year, CEO of Singapore Inc, PM Lee said Singapore had maxed out all the easy ways of driving economic growth.  PM Lee had actually shot himself in the foot, or perhaps by his speechwriter.  He was effectively admitting to Singaporeans … Continue reading

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20161215 ST article confirms Singapore workers’ unions are useless

I refer to ST article, “Guaranteed pay rises will bring relief, say cleaners”. link As usual, ST has again published a half truth because not all cleaners will get a guaranteed pay rise. 😦 But in its attempt to carry … Continue reading

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20161215 Nothing wrong with Minister Grace Fu chope-ing reserved car park slot

Minister Grace Fu has recently been in the news again, and as usual, for the wrong reasons – a plainclothes policeman chope-ing a reserved parking slot for her. Chope-ing is commonly observed at hawker centres and food courts but never at restaurants … Continue reading

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20161213 How the tripantat partners screw low wage workers in Singapore

The PAP prides itself on having a tripartite system where the government, employers and unions co exist in utopia.  😦 Sadly, Singaporeans have continued to believe in such hogwash and as a result, workers have been repeatedly screwed. Workers, especially … Continue reading

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20161213 WP not aware that HDB flat buyers are not owners?

Dear Pritam Singh Singaporeans NEVER owned HDB flats and this issue has been highlighted on social media years ago.  I have taken this a bit further by querying HDB and the reply from its legal counsel – we are owners … Continue reading

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20161211 Mainstream media should not engage in half truths to mask Temasek’s pock kai investments

I hope the PAP will stop engaging in half-truths and be upfront with citizens when it comes to Temasek.  Every human being makes mistakes and it should not try to cover up those made by PAP elites, unless they are non human. To … Continue reading

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