2016 Year in review: PAP took Singapore further downhill, worse lies ahead

2016 is the year when things really started to fall apart – a warning to PAP not to ignore good governance.

5 decades of minimal transparency and accountability has brought Singapore closer to self destruction.

Control came with negligible costs to PAP in the past but as time takes a toll, building facades are falling off, trees are falling down in record numbers and MRT train disruptions have also affected record numbers of commuters.

Lifts have gone haywire, causing a number of injuries and one fatality. Everything is coming apart at the seams because PAP has been applying past solutions to solve current issues. It has even ignored social disintegration.

There’s no such a thing as a “cheaper, better and faster” economy. Cheaper foreign workers from third world countries are of course easier to exploit but Singaporeans ultimately pay the price for having cock talking ministers like Lim Swee Say. video link

2016 saw government-linked company NOL sold at lelong price to a French company despite having the best scholarly brains at the helm for 48 years. Even former PM Goh, NOL’s MD in the 1970s, had nothing to contribute to prevent the sinking of our national shipping line.

Tiger Airways, another GLC, had a shorter history as a listed company. With years of losses, similar to NOL, Tiger’s mewing was heard by the government and it was delisted. SIA was forced to take over an unprofitable budget airline.

With ex military personnel in top management, poorly-managed SMRT was also privatised after the government had injected more than 2 billion in tax dollars. At the rate GLCs are privatised, there may soon be nothing left to privatise.

The incompetence of our book smart elites is clearer in 2016 to an increasing number of citizens.

Instead of resolving pressing issues as economic prospects worsened, PAP dedicated limited public resources to entrench its power: it reserved the presidency for a Malay citizen. Since the president has the second key to our reserves, PAP is clearly trying to prevent the disclosure of embarrassing information such as underwater investments.

While the MSM has painted PAP as whiter than white, the reality is basic human instincts and desires are similar in all unenlightened beings. While PAP gives the impression they are selfless servants of the people, PAP MP David Ong was having sex with another active PAP member behind his constituents’ backs.

In June, the government introduced insurance coverage for NSFs and heaped endless praises on itself through MSM. In reality, this was 49 years late because NSFs who had been seriously injured or killed during service never received fair compensation.

MCCY Minister Grace Fu had initially objected to live streaming of Rio Olympics despite this costing about $2 per citizen. After claiming that doing so was “unwise”, the government did a ‘belakang pusing’ and Singapore won our first Olympic gold medal. Subsequently, every PAP hypocrite wanted to take wefies with Joseph Schooling.

MCCY was earlier flagged by the AGO for spending 410,000 tax dollars on consultation fee for a bin centre. Singapore’s pariahment allowed Lawrence Wong to chut all sorts of pattern on behalf of the MCCY minister and till today, nobody knows how complex was its design to cost taxpayers $410,000.

Although Temasek’s performance is supposed to be on par with Warren Buffet, its net profit for FY2016 is almost half of FY 2015 and the third lowest in the past decade. Its stratospheric 18% 40-year return has remained a mystery.

Singapore PR status continues to be treated like a piece of used tissue by foreigners in 2016. Although PRs increased by an annual average of about 29,000 since 2010, there was a net reduction of 16,400 PRs in 2016.

That even foreigners are leaving in droves is confirmation that the economy is much worse than portrayed by MSM. PAP may soon increase the intake of PRs – creating more social issues – to make up for the lost numbers.

Politics reared its ugly head with STTA president former PAP MP Ellen lee making self-insulting statements and its Dy President Yeow Kwee making personal comments on world-ranking table tennis player Feng Tian Wei.

Parachuting PAP MPs into sports organisations has always been a bad idea and we need to look no further than the FAS. link link

Government people are ever so willing to make a mockery of themselves.

Not contented with cracking pork soup and free smoke jokes in the US at China’s expense, PM Lee decided to test China with his undiplomatic comments. As a result, our military equipment was seized in Hong Kong and the likelihood of their return is diminishing with each passing hour.

2016 is only the beginning of Singapore falling apart and a harbinger of things to come. If PAP continues to bully citizens in order to stifle dissent and run our country without transparency and accountability, worse will be in store for Singaporeans.

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2 Responses to 2016 Year in review: PAP took Singapore further downhill, worse lies ahead

  1. Confused says:


    What an accurate and timely summary for the year.

    A very Happy New Year (2017) to you but I hope your wish ” pap-took-singapore-further-downhill-worse-lies-ahead” will not come true.😅😅😅

    The people of Singapore has given the pap so much tax dollars (800 billions or more or less? who knows exactly?) to spend, so come rain or shine, just bypass the 2nd key and take out $4b or so, Singapore will still make it, but at our expense (less the elitists for sure) later.

    With the luxury of reserves we have, even if you put in any other team in place of the pap, they will still make it as well if not better. The immediate saving in the ministerial and etc pays and those GLCs top guns would have been good enough to do a lot of wonder for the ordinary, to begin with.

    Whatever the “help” that comes along from the state, people will still blindly “kow tow” like as though they have done wonder to our lives even more so than our parents despite the fact that most have been “skinned” all these while.

  2. Confused says:

    “Not contented with cracking pork soup and free smoke jokes in the US at China’s expense, PM Lee decided to test China with his undiplomatic comments. As a result, our military equipment was seized in Hong Kong and the likelihood of their return is diminishing with each passing hour.”

    So all these while, the Chinese has been waiting, waiting and waiting for SG to make some silly move?

    I don’t know how true it is, I heard from a Taiwanese talk show some times ago that the Chinese government was particularly angry with SG because the current shipping arrangement was different from the past when they were from point to point directly without detouring. The current arrangement was seen as SG trying to test the threshold of the Chinese and now appeared to be backfired. I hope it is really not the case, otherwise, there is this Chinese saying 玩火自焚($100 million, this is no small change). If really so, who should be responsible for this?

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