Minister Ng says Terrex issue doesn’t threaten our existence, let’s move on

Our Terrex tanks have been detained in Hong Kong since 24 November and it appears the PAP government cannot guarantee their return.

Instead of addressing Mindef’s epic screw up, the issue is reframed by comparing it to the potential threat of terrorism or an existential threat in “Terrex issue does not pose existential threat; issue mustn’t be allowed to dominate: Ng Eng Hen”.

By telling Singaporeans “let’s move on, just a small issue”, the Defence Minister has continued to defend his incompetent generals.

In this age and time, Ng still believes PAP could suka suka reframe any issue and Singaporeans are idiots.

Perhaps other ministers will soon follow suit with the MOM minister using the same line to comfort retrenched and unemployed citizens – “being retrenched and unemployed is better off than being dead”?

Or PM Lee telling Singaporeans that his Town Council GM being investigated for corruption is better than the presence of terrorism on our little red dot?

Let’s just trivialise every issue because it’s not the end of the world?

If the Mindef can’t even ensure the safety of its assets during peacetime, will it be able to protect Singapore when enemies are on our shores?

Minister Ng also brushed off the issue of accountability and told Singaporeans that “the SAF will learn from this episode..”. Do we need to allow more than $100 million worth of sensitive, military equipment to be seized in order to learn one lesson?

Hmm … no wonder Temasek and GIC are still learning lessons through mega investment losses.

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1 Response to Minister Ng says Terrex issue doesn’t threaten our existence, let’s move on

  1. lil says:

    LOL. Incompetence abound under LHL administration.

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