Waiting for PAP elites to serve = waiting for durian to drop

The PAP has proven time and again that it is out to fleece the people and service is just an afterthought.

Still not obvious to the 70 percenters is the fact that top civil servants’ and ministers’ salaries are in the top 1% bracket. How could PAP elites ever understand or have any empathy for low caste Singaporeans who take many lifetimes to earn what they make in a year? No surprise then for ministers like Tan Chuan Jin to insist that some Singaporean cardboard collectors have been exercising.

PAP elites live in a bubble they have created for themselves.

Although PAP elites have constantly trumpeted the quality of our public housing, none of them live in one. Are they aware that the town council estate officer is MIA or non existent because town councils are trying to save costs by cutting corners? Did they bother about improper lift maintenance which has resulted in one death and a number of injuries?

PAP elites do not care when Singaporeans lose the only HDB roof over their heads after a divorce. All they know and care about is imposing HDB 1001 regulations.

When it comes to healthcare, PAP elites have ensured sufficient hospital beds for themselves and the rich. Mere mortals have to put up with makeshift wards along corridors or in tents while Class A wards lie empty. A caring government or it’s you die your own business?

As for public transportation, PAP elites will exhort commoners to put up with overcrowding. From their chauffeured vehicles we can hear them telling us ‘no choice’.

For the next 10 years, an average of more than 40,000 citizens will turn 65 every year. Instead of have trains with more seats, LTA has given approval to SMRT to remove them. On certain trains, up to 30% of seats have been removed and elderly Singaporeans are expected to sit on the floor, I guess. This issue does not affect PAP elites.

As overcrowding worsens, more seats are removed. SMRT looking to have seatless trains soon?

The PAP government has also been resistant to amending the death penalty because drug trafficking and crimes like murder are not committed by the elites.

If the PAP had ever wanted to serve Singaporeans, the elites would not have stifled dissent. It would not have set up Citizens’ Consultative Committees without prior consultation with citizens.

If the PAP had ever wanted to serve Singaporeans, the elites would not insist on controlling the MSM and use it as a propaganda tool to further entrench their power.

After the PAP had legalised online betting for Toto and Singapore Turf Club in November to earn additional government revenue, the SPF launched simultaneous raids to stem illegal remote gambling services. The Organised Crime Act was enacted in August last year to deal with those higher up the chain in organised criminal groups and this enabled the government to seize $45.5 million worth of assets.

Compared with the loanshark problem which seems to be a mystery to the SPF, thousands of runners have been caught but those higher up the chain have proven to be elusive. The PAP is clearly protecting its profitable online gambling interest while HDB residents continue to put up with loanshark harassment since decades ago.

Loanshark harassment happening daily in the heartlands also does not affect PAP elites living in private property.

We have been listening to rhetoric for years with regard to resolving our issues without any light at the end of the tunnel.

Singaporeans should not ignore reality and those who continue to hope that PAP will somehow serve us wholeheartedly will have to wait long long. Like waiting for durian to drop.

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